Cindy Brody has been invaluable to me as I care for my aging Basset Hound, Tyrone. Her body work and communication have brought me and Tyrone closer than we’ve ever been. I have Cindy to thank for that. -SD

I contacted Cindy over a year ago after finding her information online. My dog Chiquita which was 12 years old had an eye issue that after several weeks of treatment with the top specialists in NY was still without improvement and unknown diagnostic. The next step suggested was to remove the eye.

I first talked to Cindy over the phone on Sunday night and explained the situation a little bit…I was expecting her to communicate with Chiquita and to give me some kind of orientation before visiting a new specialist for second opinion.
Monday morning I provided pictures and we had a phone conversation. She gave me some feedback from Chiquitas end and how she felt about this situation. 
The same afternoon in a rush after work I took her to a new vet…we had a long discussion about her strange case which he studied based on tests and cat scans results provided…I will never forget when he put her on the table for the checkup and his first question was “which eye is the one with the issue?” I could not believe to hear something like it but when I looked at her explained everything! Her eye was not swollen at all…I shown him the pictures I took in the morning before talking to Cindy and her healing work.
He only said…I don’t know what happened but I don’t see an issue here anymore.
We met Cindy in person at her facility and the encounter was very emotional, Chiquita was full of gratitude and seemed to known Cindy from before…Cindy came for a home visit once after in January…Chiquita was waiting for her by the door.
I have no words to explain the connection she has with the animals and also to express my gratitude.
It was a wonderful experience to meet her and feel the love she truly shares.
Last week Chiquita had a yearly check up…not only her eye sight is totally fine, her health and level of energy are excellent for a 13 years old little poodle. Thanks again Cindy! You are a very special person for both of us.
-MJ and Chiquita

Cindy has worked on my horse since he was four years old. Nelson is an ex-race horse, very sensitive, opinionated, on the hot side and, probably more than a few people would say, difficult. He is also talented, funny, affectionate and even through our trying times, he takes care of me, meaning I stay on. Besides her help in keeping Nelson sound and thriving physically, Cindy has been one of my great guides in helping me to understand him, physically, emotionally and psychologically.
From watching her work over the years and taking her clinic, I am able to daily work on my horse. This enables me to keep on top of aches, focus his mind, check his moods and continue to grow in my ability to listen and communicate, on the ground and in the saddle. Nelson is still sensitive, opinionated, and very demanding of me as a rider but I also have a partnership that I didn’t know enough to even dream of and which only gets more profound. In my continuing apprenticeship as a rider and horse woman, Cindy and her work have been and continue to be an immeasurable source of aid and illumination.

Maura Ellyn

I am very glad that we finally met. Your CinergE treatments are remarkable. What is also wonderful is that there is no pain involved or any unpleasant sensations during the treatment. Until we “flick” again.”

…Today Legend and I went out on the trail for the first time in 5 months. He felt great — really sound. And really loose. He felt a little bit like the day after the very first time you worked on him. We just walked and trotted a little and I swear I think he had a big smile on his face. I came home and read the story about him on your Web site. And here I am, bawling like a little kid.

Thanks for caring so much about him and helping him so much Cindy…


I can’t tell you how excited I am about the work you taught us. It is truly miraculous and I hope you can teach the whole world these techniques.
…This work is so gratifying and has given me a whole new feeling of confidence that I can help animals. It replaces that sense of not being able to DO anything when your animal is in discomfort or distress. And allows the mutual giving of pleasure with the close contact that they previously would not have been as open to for such a prolonged period.

Thank you
Kim McElroy

“Cindy manages to provide a very nourishing climate in which to learn. People took emotional risks to reveal themselves to each other and that’s because she made everyone comfortable. All I can say is, more, more!!”

Mary Lynne Hansen-Hise, CinergE student

“Cindy, your clinic was amazing!

Gina, Horse Professional
Barbara Appolonia, Energy Faciltator and former CinergE student

“I met Cindy Brody about 7 years ago. My best lesson horse injured her shoulder and tendon on the ice. I had gone through the course of vets and even my Ferrier had serious doubt she would ever be comfortable to ride again. A stranger to me in the horse world told me about Cindy Brody. I with doubt had her as my last hope at the time come work on my mare. I am still in awe that this mare at the age of 30 took year end champion for the 3rd year at local shows. Cindy enabled this mare to heal and finish her job and years in comfort. I believe now!!! On a personal level I had the opportunity to attend a workshop with other farm managers and owners with Cindy this year. What a wonderful experience. The information was taught with great ease and explained well, the hands on work was “tingling.” This woman and her work amaze me every time I hear another story and am fortunate to witness another healing hand session by Cindy Brody. She is a true healer of human and equine. Thanks for caring for all of us!!!”

Diane Long, Flying Change Farm
owner and instructor

Cindy Brody is an excellent teacher.

She is compassionate, knowledgeable and fun. She has the ability to create an atmosphere that allows everyone from beginner to experienced hand, to be enriched by the learning process.

Cindy is an instructor of great skill and great heart!

Diane Epstein, Student