When pet owners are worried that something is out of balance with their pets they bring their pets to me or invite me to their farms and homes.. It could be that a dog is depressed or acting cranky toward a pack mate. It could be to help with an aging animal that is getting close to the end. It could be because someone in the pride is protesting with pooping outside of the box.

My job is to help resolve misunderstandings, bring physical relief and teach what we can do to help our 4-legged family members have the best life possible. As a result our lives improve. Every dog is a therapy dog, helping us by loving us unconditionally. Sometimes our problems often become their problems. We work too hard come home stressed, have our own physical pain or illness, they sense this and it can be quite upsetting for them. When we take care of ourselves everyone feels better.

I have worked with and helped dogs in every aspect of their lives. I teach people how to identify and manage their pets’ discomforts, which almost always improves a grumpy dog’s mood. I help to manage a dog’s comfort when they are sick and I help dogs say goodbye when it is time. I am honored to have been able to help so many pets.

Cats are natural Reiki Masters and I love working with them. They are so independent and are so much fun to talk to:

Cindy, “If Mom changes your food will you stop peeing on the rug?”

Cat, “Maybe…tell her to stop paying so much attention to the dog, I came first.”

The protest pee has been solved. I love talking with cats and coming to a place of mutual understanding.

I have a wonderful office in Woodstock, NY and love seeing dogs in person. I do a lot of long distance communication with cats all over the country. I also do local house calls. Whether it’s local or long distance, everyone gets hands-on homework.

CinergE helps to keep dogs and cats out of shelters. This is my goal!