0018 cindy

I’m a Reiki Master and the originator of CinergE, an energetic healing modality that can be applied to all living beings. I have been working with CinergE for over 30 years.I live in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York, and travel all over the country teaching and working with horses , dogs, cats, and the people who love them.I have always been a hands-on person. At the age of nine I discovered energy in my hands. I was staying with my grandparents on their farm in northwestern Nebraska went I realized that the “heat” in my hands could help tame wild barn kittens. Then when I would beam my hands at my Grandfather’s farm dog, I could get him to jump into the air. It was a game I practiced often. CinergE was born.

I love making a difference in the lives of animals.

My work saves lives, by helping people understand their beloved four legged friends. A dog who is depressed, a horse that bucks, a cat who marks, has a story and I give them a voice and thereby help to heal their bodies and souls. Everyone learns CinergE, whether it’s through a long distance appointment or a person-to-animal visit.

CinergE is a light touch hands on therapy that is easy to learn. It brings the body back into balance, relieving physical and mental stress. The body then heals itself.

I speak to animals all over the country, through long distance Animal Communication. By looking into a photograph of an animal I can help to bridge the communication gap between animals and humans, resolving issues that get in the way of training.