Cindy Brody helps animals express their feelings and heal.


I help animals to feel mentally and physically better through animal communication and energy work. I am the creator of CinergE, an energetic healing modality that can be applied to all living beings. I have combined my training as a Reiki Master, my intuitive skills and hands-on work to help people and their animals understand each other and deepen their connection. I teach everyone what he or she can do to help their pets. For more than 30 years, I have been helping animals all over the country express their feelings and heal.

I invite you to explore this site and find out more about my work with dogs, cats, and horses.

-Cindy Brody (Find out more about Cindy Brody)

What are people saying about Cindy and CinergE? What are animal owners saying? What’s the buzz on Cindy?

“Our mixed-species pack sings songs of joy that Cindy does what she does…”

“Cindy has been very helpful with a lot of our clients and farms…”

“Cindy is the most amazing lady who is able to feel a horse’s pain…”

“Her gift is remarkable…”

“Being somewhat of a skeptic…imagine my surprise when…”

More Buzz on Cindy.

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Google Reviews

Cindy did a remote consultation about our feline household dynamics. She easily communicated with all of them and helped me to understand their concerns and how to address them. It was wonderful to talk with her and to the cats, through her. Her caring about their welfare was clearly evident.
Royalty Sphinx
18:46 15 Dec 17
I had an amazing session with Cindy and my dog Dharma. Cindy is an extraordinary healer and she follows up regularly which shows how much she cares. I have met with her several times since and each time I gain more insight into my animal.
Jen Gatien
16:00 21 Dec 17
I don’t even know where to start! I was skeptical at first, but Cindy came with glowing reviews. On our first call, she was not only able to help me better understand how my pet is feeling but also truly communicate with him on a level I didn’t expect. It was a wonderful experience and we are already set for another call. Thank you Cindy
Amanda Kim
14:59 04 Nov 17
Cindy is miracle worker, she has helped my dog so many times with back problems and digestion issues. She feels where the problem is and sends energy there and the dog is feeling so much better later. The reiki energy works so well and Cindy explains where energy blockages are located and what steps to take to improve dog's health. She has magical hands. 🙏
Mari Markus
16:43 06 Dec 17
Cindy is amazing! She came to our house to help us learn how to understand and work with our precious rescue dog, Emma. Emma responded to her wonderfully and we are continuing with her training. Cindy also, graciously, performed some energy healing on my husband who had recently undergone serious back surgery. He could feel the energy from her hands moving through him. Cindy is truly a gifted healer!
Annie Reed
17:36 31 Jul 17

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Cindy’s office is in the Hudson Valley of NY where she sees clients daily. She also makes house calls throughout the area, and can travel to speak and teach CinergE for horses and dogs. She is always available for long distance animal communication by telephone visit. Cindy has clients all over the country.

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