Why Reiki?

November 11, 2016

I want to attune as many people I can to Reiki. I know in these unsettling times we can help each other with the gift of Reiki. I have been working with energy for most of my life and I know how incredibly healing and soothing Reiki can be.

I have helped people and animals in all stages of life to heal and feel better using the most simple of tools, loving intention and universal energy. . One of the greatest things about Reiki you don’t even have to touch someone. I can beam my hands at someone from a distance and share the Reiki in this manner. I can send the Reiki long distance in the form of a prayer. It has been documented in medical studies that people who are prayed over tend to heal faster and more fully.

I share love through the Reiki in my hands.  I want to help everyone develop their own healing ministries. I want to teach people how good they can feel by giving themselves gentle, loving reiki energy everyday.  It is my intention to help others heal that fuels my practice. It is my dream to help the world to heal.

In my people practice I have worked with people in all stages of life in a variety of situations, from infertility to helping mom’s deliver babies. I have helped people to pass away peacefully and everything in-between life and death. I do this by gently laying my hands on and allowing the energy to flow through my hands and to go where it is needed for people’s greatest good.

During a treatment, people get so relaxed they go right into a deep sleep. This is wonderful when I am working with people and animals that are very ill and are having a hard time sleeping. I lay my hands on and I can see the stress leave their faces and then my clients drift off into a restorative slumber, people and animals alike. There is no difference.

A Reiki 1 class doesn’t involve learning lots of complicated techniques. It only requires your intention to help yourself and your family with universal energy. I often say that Reiki 1 is learning to channel the love from your hearts into your hands. In this day and time we all need tools to help us to find peace and calm in a loving and nonjudgmental way.

As I write this I’m with my sister who has just had 2 abdominal surgeries at once. I have been sharing Reiki with her and she has had no need for the pain medication prescribed to her. She’s healing quickly and resting well and she looks really good.

I have worked with surgical clients for many years and they all heal very quickly, whether they have 2 legs or 4. I have been in the operating room, I have helped clients in the recovery room and I have been there when they come home. If I can’t be there I can send the energy long distance. It simply works.

We will be starting our Reiki sharing circle events in a few weeks. The first one on Sunday, December 11th will be for my Reiki students and others that have Reiki attunements. We will come together at 1pm and share Reiki with each other, and it will be followed by a potluck. We will work 3 practitioners to 1 person. We will help to support each other. If you have been attuned to Reiki and are able to come to this first Reiki sharing circle event, please RSVP here by December 4th.

The next Reiki share with be open to the public. It will be for anyone in need. If this email finds you and you are in need now, we will happily help you. Please email me here so we have your contact info and can send you more information.

These Reiki sharing events are free. We must take care of each other. If you would like to donate money it will be given to local animal rescues. I do ask that everyone help to clean up and stay until everything is put away. Together we make these events possible.

I invite you to help me live my dream to make the world a better place for animals and their people by learning and sharing Reiki. I teach regular Reiki classes as well as Developing intuition and Animal Communication. We are all unique and we are all loving beings and when we come together with empathy and compassion we help each other to heal.

Peace love and healing always,


Reiki hands