Trusting Your Intuition

July 13, 2017











Animals speak in different ways. Some dog’s converse in thoughts, others in feelings and in Willies case in pictures, or as I like to call them snap shots. Then there are some dogs who converse in thoughts, feelings and snap shots.

Willie was a 5 year-old pug at the time. I met him at a street fair. I love doing quick readings and this fair was so much fun. I had a line of dog owners down the street. I had loads of fun talking to all the dogs. Willies’ owner, Jackie was not a believer in animal communication and it was written all over her face.

Her friends all had their dogs read by me and everyone was thrilled with what their dogs had to say. Willie’s mom was giving into peer pressure, it was her turn and she wasn‘t buying into it. She walked into my tent with perched lips and a wrinkled brow sporting an “I can’t believe I’m doing this” expression that was written all over her face.  Sometimes if a dog’s owner is a non-believer the dogs will be tougher to reach. This was not the case with Willie.

Willie was sitting happily on Jackie’s lap when we started to talk. His tongue was hanging out the side of his mouth and his eyes were big and bright. I could see he was a happy and relaxed little guy.  I started out by asking Willie what some of his favorite things to do were. This technique is great for getting the ball rolling. He quickly showed me a picture of his head sticking out of a car window with his purple tongue hanging out of his mouth. He then said through thoughts and a disappointed feeling, “I’m not allowed to do this and I’m not happy about it.”

Jackie who is a responsible dog owner got very defensive. She said in a slightly raised voice, “Its way too dangerous to let him hang his head out the window of a moving car. He could have his eye put out by a rock or a bug.” I agreed with her and told her that it was very dangerous. When I turned the conversation back to Willie his simple reply was, “But, I’m allowed to hang my head out the window on the boat!”  She was so very surprised. I thought she might fall out of her chair. How did I know she had a boat? Willie was a boating enthusiast. Next to rides in the car, the boat is one of his favorite activities. Willie showed me a picture of himself with his happy face into the wind as they cruise down the river in their boat.

She confessed that they did often take him on their boat and he was allowed to put is nose into the wind.  She then stated flatly, “That’s very different!” I tried to explain the difference to Willie but he wasn’t having it. To him having his nose in the wind was his favorite thing.

When I’m reading animals I have to trust the information I get from them. Now had I dismissed Willie’s thoughts about the boat thinking that pugs aren’t boating dogs, I would have missed the entire point of his story. I trusted what I heard Willie say and as a result I was able to relay his message to his owner. No matter how I tried to explain the difference between riding in a boat or a car Willie was stuck on, “It wasn’t fair.”

Willie’s mom got up abruptly and left my tent. I think she was upset that I could actually talk to Willie! You just can’t please some people! LOL! Willie was one cool little dude.

This article appears in Healthy You Magazine May/June 2014

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