Veterinarians Say 

“There is always a palpable sense of excitement in the air among staff & clients whenever Cindy visits our hospital- her intuitive understanding of the human/animal bond has given her “Rock Star” status! Whether helping a beloved senior pet to pass peacefully and with dignity, or giving anxious owners the ability to understand and correct physical and/or emotional problems, I’ve witnessed Cindy perform her “miracles” time and again. She is the angel that all pet owners want sitting on their shoulders.” 
Robert Codacovi, Manager
Earth Angels Veterinary Hospital


“Communication is essential in the growth of your relationship with your pet, but when one can silence themselves and truly listen, we will hear what they have to say. Cindy has this amazing gift with animals. She listens, she hears them, they communicate, and transformation begins.” –Dr. Karen Garelick Doc’s K9 Center


“I’m a believer. Cindy has been very helpful with a lot of our clients and farms who use her for energy balancing.”-Paul Mountan L.L.P., Veterinarian, Rhinebeck Equine


Long Distance

“Our mixed-species pack sings songs of joy that Cindy does what she does. So many times over the years her specific and direct long distance communications have helped us clarify confusions, deepen our understanding and build the harmonious relationships with our animal that is always our hearts’ desire.” –L. Bailey, Colorado


“It is with tremendous gratitude from the place within me that is beyond condition or unconditioned that I extend my deepest heartfelt gratitude for you exemplary counsel the other night regarding my dog Moose. There are no words adequate to express my thanks.” –Beth


Office visits

“Cindy is a truly gifted individual that has helped us with our two dogs. One with behavioral issues and one with going to the bathroom randomly in the house. The nature of the work Cindy does can lead people to become skeptical of its authenticity. And that is just fine, you don’t have to be a believer for it to work. The healing happens and your animals talk to her, regardless of what your preconceived reality is.” -Bob Holzman


“I brought my dog Carson to see Cindy in order help him work through his fear of being groomed. She was able to let us know he was unsure and needed help to build his confidence. I started on her recommended techniques right away and am happy to report that they have been helping so much. Carson was able to be groomed with minimal reaction and is an overall more confident dog. Cindy offered so many tips and tricks that I never thought of. I am so thankful for her and would not hesitate to see her again in the future.” -Nicole S.


“Cindy is an amazing person and a gift to the animal world. She has helped me with my dog getting over a fear of loud noises which has really caused some issues for him.” –Gloria Seaman


“Cindy is amazing! She has helped my furbabies and I get thru some tough times! I highly recommend Cindy! She’s a great person with an amazing gift! You can count on her to help you thru your situation! Thank you Cindy!” –Michele Knight


“I met Cindy when I first got Charlie, my rescue dog. I think I’d had him a few months – just long enough to have made many mistakes. Cindy was spot on with what she told me. Our consult helped us both tremendously! She even knew we had a few cats; something Charlie must have told her! I contacted Cindy again recently because a different issue popped up. I know she will help Charlie again, 3 yrs after our first encounter. I love Cindy Brody, plain and simple. She is the real deal, loving, kind, caring.” –Lori Lawrence-Hiemier

“That angel in a woman’s body has magical powers & has been there for our dogs (and other dogs we have come across in our travels) whenever we asked, & even sometimes when we didn’t! I am honored to be friends with her.”  -Rebecca B. 


“I’m not sure how to even adequately put into words everything that Cindy Brody has done for me and my animal “children”.  At some point in our lives I think all pet parents think “If I could only KNOW what was wrong with my animal.  If they could only TELL me.” Cindy enables communication between you and your beloved pets the likes of which we have always wanted.  Since working with Cindy, my animals and I have been able to successfully tackle stressful events such as moving, death, and health issues together in a way that leaves us both better off in the end.  Cindy is and always will be a huge part of our family.  She is truly an angel!”


“Hi Cindy, my daughter Tasia & I had such an eye opening experience.  It was entertaining & deep.  Thank you so much for the experience! Ella is very loved, even more so now that we understand her more! I’m sure we will see you again soon! I am doing my homework!! I’ll let you know how it all goes!! Thanks again!!” –Julie & Tasia


“I just wanted to follow up on our session the other week.  It was so great to see you, talk to you and learn a bit about what’s going on with Maggie.  I loved how she responded to you, she was truly a completely different dog with you, it was amazing! You’re the best!” –Sarah


“We just wanted to thank you again for such a special session with Chloe.  Since our session, the night terrors have significantly decreased (We’ve only had two incidents since seeing you).  She has been markedly different since the session.  Alert.  Agile.  Happy.  Communicative.  Such a huge difference. Thank you.”

-Laura M.


“Thank you for sharing your prodigious gift. It turned out to be a very real healing experience for all of us. Re-calibrating, calming, inspiring. Because of you, regarding the cruciate ligament problem, we’re ready to proceed now with a clear direction in mind.  Had you not made the time, we’d be going into this tomorrow unresolved. And the unforeseen bonus was being there, and participating, while you lifted the veil and helped us all communicate and share in that wonderful gift of yours.This website you’ve kindly sent is the last important piece in the puzzle. I needed to read that. Thank you so much for everything. I’ll let you know how it goes.” -Jason


“Hi Cindy! I just wanted to follow up on our session the other week.  It was so great to see you, talk to you and learn a bit about what’s going on with Layla.  I loved how she responded to you, she was truly a completely different dog with you, it was amazing!

She’s doing well.  She’s been slightly more affectionate with my husband.  I’ve asked him to try to be more gentle and quiet with her and that seems to help.  She does still, sometimes, run away from me when I’m offering her a treat, which I don’t get at all.  After my first completely unsuccessful attempt to do the bodywork, she now allows it – most of the time.  She often rolls over and stretches, only allowing me to do one side…

I was just sitting with her and getting her to look at me and “touch.” She was cooperating and, at the same time, being really vocal, barking, whining, almost singing, clearly trying to communicate something to me.  I’d like to talk to you about learning to be more receptive to understanding her.  Do you ever offer your developing intuition and animal communication workshops over the phone for those unable to get to Woodstock?     And/or we’ll have to set up a phone session ’cause she definitely has a lot to say!!

Thanks again!”



“I brought my rescue Border Collie/Australian Shepherd “Mic” to meet Cindy after an incident with my daughter. I was caught in a dilemma–I didn’t want to be an irresponsible parent (he didn’t hurt her, scared her more than anything) and I didn’t want to be an irresponsible rescue mom. Mic is my first rescue dog. I have had Border Collies since I was very young, we used them on the farm to work our cattle, so I am very familiar with the breed—from a standpoint of nothing bad (from a human) ever happening to them. Rescue (as I have found out) is a very different thing.

We had Mic for about a month when my daughter rolled into him as he walked past him & he turned and bit her. I was a mess, but couldn’t believe that he was aggressive, but then I couldn’t believe–that I couldn’t believe–that he was aggressive…I felt like everything I knew about herding dogs went out the window and I was at a complete loss. I decided to contact Cindy, just to see what she could get from him. I didn’t know Cindy, except for her name through our agility circle.

It took Mic maybe 10 minutes (and that’s being generous) for him to be comfortable around her. She talked to him and worked her hands on him and he just fell in love with her. He had a bump in his back, apparently from being in a crate for so long while in the shelter and by the time our session was done, the bump was practically gone, all from Cindy’s energy work. She gave me “homework,” which I was diligent about, and within three days, the bump was completely gone and has not returned. The same goes for his shoulders. The right one in particular was healing from a past injury, which is why he ‘corrected’ my daughter; she hurt him when she rolled into him. He was sorry for what he did, but he had to put her in her place. After much conversation between Cindy and Mic I learned a lot of what he needed, from both me and my daughter. My bond with Mic was solidified from that very first session, it was as though he needed someone to listen to him, and I didn’t know how to. Cindy has taught me how to listen to him and he and my daughter are now inseparable. She gives him his space when he needs it (he told Cindy that my daughter did not respect his space (she’s 6)) and she trains him with obedience commands and he just loves the work.

Cindy has been a huge benefit to our family. With her love and sharing some of her teaching with me I have become a better listener to my dogs and have given my first rescue dog a better home than I could have ever imagined before we met her. I will always be grateful to Cindy for everything that she has done for us, I could never imagine our family without Mic–he is just so awesome!”

-Lynn Rath


“I wanted to tell you how great Jasper did in his Agility class on Sunday! I did what you said and walked him before we went to class. When we got to class I gave him a quick once over in the car. He was so much better, people were commenting on how improved he was! He was so happy, you could just see it on his face!

Maxim has been better also. Minimal growling and he has been letting me pick him up and has been quite cuddly!

I will definitely be in touch in a few weeks and let you know where we are at, but, there is such improvement already! Thank you again! I cannot tell you how happy I am that I brought my boys to see you!” -Kim


Home Visits


“Cindy Brody has been invaluable to me as I care for my aging Basset Hound, Tyrone. Her body work and communication have brought me and Tyrone closer than we’ve ever been. I have Cindy to thank for that.” -SD


“I have no words to explain the connection she has with the animals and also to express my gratitude. It was a wonderful experience to meet her and feel the love she truly shares. Last week Chiquita had a yearly check up…not only her eye sight is totally fine, her health and level of energy are excellent for a 13 years old little poodle.” –MJ


“From no recall at all to coming immediately when I make kissing sounds!!    That’s the change one session has made with Griff!  I swear, he’s even more relaxed (if such a thing is possible) because he knows what he’s expected to do.  I feel like he had an epiphany today.  Thank you, Cindy.  I was so incredibly skeptical.  We’ve previously worked with two trainers for Griff with almost no results.  I did not have much hope.  I’m going to ask a couple of friends to come over this week to give her (and me) the opportunity to practice what we’ve learned. Thank you again,” -Gina


“My white female shepherd mix, Foxie, was hit by a truck a few days after Hurricanes Irene & Lee. She ran right into the road, which was unusual. Just as unusual was that a truck was driving up my quiet dead end road. We had recently & suddenly lost Max, her father & leader of the 4 dog pack, a few weeks prior to an internal bleed, and we were all in deep distress.

Foxie was never properly socialized with other dogs or people, & after being hit she ran off into the woods. It took a while for her human father & the truck driver to both find her & get her into the car, and to the animal hospital. We left her there in the care of our long time vet, who said nothing was broken & that she would keep her & watch her for a day or two. For whatever reason our vet wouldn’t let us see Foxie while she was at the animal hospital, so after 2 days we picked her up.

Foxie couldn’t stand up. When she tried to walk her hips were on the ground & she dragged her back legs behind her. Shocked, we asked our vet what was wrong; she told us Foxie may never walk again.

After the initial shock wore off, I called Cindy Brody, who I had met several months earlier, being referred to her for help with an abandoned dog that several of us had been trying to catch for months. Cindy had been kind enough to help us win the dog’s trust, and after a few months of following Cindy’s advice, the dog walked into a house & now has a forever home.

Cindy was on her way back home from a trip out west, & said she would meet us at her office. Cindy pulled into the driveway, just from the airport & wearing a lovely black dress. We couldn’t coax Foxie out of our car, so Cindy sat down in the back seat with her & did what she does. After about an hour, Cindy put a leash on Foxie & walked her around the area until she peed. We were stunned. We were hoping for a miracle, and we got one. As an aside, Cindy’ dress was now white!

Since then Cindy has treated, loved & listened to all of our dogs. She has told us things that she could not possibly know unless she lived with us, but then our dogs were the ones that told her these things. We have never had the honor of knowing a more caring, genuine & intuitive person, and we all hold her in the highest regard.

When Cindy speaks, listen. The time will come, more sooner than later, when you will be tripping over what she told you. I am getting used to my jaw dropping in amazement at how Cindy Brody can transcend the barriers that we have been led to believe exist.” -Laureli T.


“I have known Cindy for fifteen years and she has helped us understand and ease the pain in all our horses and dogs.

When our beloved cat Lucky was diagnosed with an abdominal tumor by our vet we opted to consult with Cindy instead of the recommended invasive (and expensive) surgery option.

We learned from Cindy that the tumor had already spread and the cat was ok with it as it was “the order of things”.

With Cindy’s help I felt my way into hospice care for our cat. The days before he died he spent outside on a sunny high ground, a recent kill nearby. One morning his condition deteriorated, I left him on the bathroom windowsill, when I came back he had passed.

Later I realized that Cindy’s help was as much for me as it was for Lucky.” –Freda


Pets in Transition

“CinergE responded very quickly and with such warmth. Look forward to more contact in the future. A wonderful connection for healing after great loss. Thank you!” –Kathy Conway Murray


“Thank you Cindy. This week with Otis has fallen into place as beautifully as I could have hoped and it was amazing to run into our special friends on the trail on his last day. Once again, Otis helps me to connect with people – that has been one of his many gifts to me. I plan to get in touch with them and walk sometime soon.  I promised Otis I would keep walking and I hope he joins me in spirit.

I miss him so much I can hardly believe he is gone. I am grieving badly and missing my most beloved friend with almost every breath. It was very very hard for me to see him go. But I was able to have more peace about it because you assured me that Otis really was ready. I never wanted to take away a single day as long as Otis still wanted to be here. You helped me greatly in making all the decisions I needed to make, and truly there was more grace and support than I could have dreamed possible – seemed almost magical how it all happened and I hope to tell you about it sometime.
For how much you have helped Otis and I through this difficult transition, I am deeply grateful.” -Maggie S.


“I was thinking of writing you. Yesterday was a beautiful gift. Thank you for facilitating the healing that took place. Blinky woke up today not feeling so good -as expected. The vet will be with us at 3pm. It’s been a bittersweet Sunday but knowing he’s ready makes it somehow easier. Thank you Cindy” –Siomara Narvaez



A Show dog learns how to be a City dog…

Hi Cindy,

You are unbelievable!!

I took Maggie out in the afternoon following your morning visit, and did as you suggested walking her just around the block. She peed almost immediately and pooped around the corner. That night she did both again while just walking around the block. She had never, ever peed or pooped on either of those blocks before. Mom is very happy and relaxed. Maggie is amazing and so are you.Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Copying Elizabeth too so she knows how happy I am with her recommendation.

Biggest hugs,



Helping People too!

Cindy has helped me tremendously over the last few years. Not only with my dogs but working with me. I had 3 surgeries over the past 3 years and Cindy has done distance Reiki during the time of the surgery and and came to the house as soon as I was released to work on me. Her work has helped to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. The doctors are always surprised how fast I heal and the speedy recovery in general. I cannot praise her work enough and would recommend it for anybody to try. -P.N.


Peer Review

As a fellow energy worker, I have high standards for those professing to heal with the hands. I am so pleased and grateful to have found Cindy Brody. She is the real deal and has worked nothing short of miracles with our 13+ year old Shepherd-Collie mix, Cinnamon, and in just three sessions. Cinnamon came to us when she was 7, after having been moved around from home to home, owner to owner. We always suspected that she had experienced other traumatic and anxiety-enduring experiences because even after many years with us, she still harbored irrational anxiety. An otherwise obedient pet, she would run away from large bodies of water, wriggling out of her harness and biting through her leash. She would not let people get too close to her and would become agitated if one or both of us went away. The challenges posed by her age, such as reduced mobility, stiffness, grouchiness (induced in no small part by diminishing energy levels) only exacerbated her anxiety. She would whine, bark and scratch on the door if we left home without her and sometimes refuse to eat her food.

Not hours after the first session with Cindy, in which we learned a lot about Cinnamon’s thoughts and feelings about living with us, and her past, she walked into the stream in Woodstock, unbidden by us. After finding a comfortable spot, she sat down in the cool water and remained there until we were ready to leave. After three sessions, it is clear that her stiffness diminished considerably and the pep returned to her step. Overall, she seems more comfortable and secure in the knowledge that we are not going to leave her and that we understand what her particular needs are. In the ultimate display of success, Cinnamon, generally shy around people she doesn’t know too well, lay down on Cindy’s feet.

If you love your pet and want to better understand them, don’t walk run to Cindy. We only wish we had found this wonderful person six years ago when Cinnamon first joined our family. Cindy, thank you, thank you!

Sheba Remy Kharbanda


Workshops and clinics

I just wanted to Thank you for an awesome retreat last weekend! I am so eternally grateful for all the beautiful, loving friends I am making through this work! I can’t Thank you enough. It’s a priceless gift.

If CinergE and Reiki can be considered an addiction, then I’m hooked, hook line and sinker! As a child in my family, love was not taught in a way that made it feel safe to express. This work is teaching me to give & receive love in a new way, a way that now feels safe!

The horses are responding to my new abilities & I swear they know when I am with you, learning more of this work. I came home from the retreat, & was told one of the horses was suffering from a swollen hock. Once again, I went straight down to the barn to treat him & Little Boy, who Sarah had wrapped, & who was still swollen from the boots. The right, being worse than the left. I am happy to say both have responded to the work and both are now much better. Yesterday afternoon, I spent more time working on the horses. It’s so gratifying to see them respond and start moving fluidly, with so much more energy. Last night, I treated myself to a full treatment, & then promptly crashed, falling asleep on the couch, before I could even turn out the lights! I awoke this morning early, feeling awake & energized. It feels so good.

My hope is that as I continue doing the energy work with the horses and the other animals, that I will begin manifesting opportunities to do more & that my days will open up, allowing more time for the energy work, & some artistic pursuits, while spending less time on a train.

I’m so happy to have such a remarkably gifted teacher, & look forward to many more years of friendship and learning.

Much Love,
Kathleen B. (CinergE for Women)


Dear Cindy and my dear new friends,

What a pleasure it was to meet all of you!  Cindy, I cannot express enough gratitude for sharing this talent with us.  You are truly a gifted soul, and if your ears are burning it is because I’ve been singing your praises – even here in Paso Robles, CA, where I am right now.  Last weekend was another-worldly experience for me, it brought a little piece of heaven to earth, and I thank you and everyone in the class for sharing the experience with me.


Patty D. (CinergE for Horses)


Thank you so much for such an awesome class this past weekend. Up until now I’ve always communicated with the animals, mostly via their body language, & some intuition, but I wasn’t “getting” the telepathic part. After this weekend’s class, & doing so much practice afterwards, I’ve started getting very quick flashes of images in my minds eye, when I let my brain be quiet. In a couple of these “flashes” were images of horses. The images don’t make any sense to me yet, but I hope as I continue this work, that the understanding, or at least some understanding will come.

Thank you again for such a great class, & the additional tools to help make my beloved animals feel better. It has been literally life changing for me, as you already know.

I really feel really lucky, & very blessed.

Diana A.


I’ve been practicing on any animal I see. These classes have given me such an in depth and comfort in my own world, I just can’t help but share it with others.  Looking forward to CinergE for dogs.

You are a gift Cindy.

-Douglas Haeberer


Words cannot express what I feel after working with you and horses this past weekend. I am on Cloud 9! I cannot seem to get back down. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Please thank all of my talented classmates too!

Much love,

Beth (CinergE for Horses)


Just wanted to let you know that your CinergE class was quite the experience for me and my dogs.  CaseyMae is a different dog since that day.  SnavelyMill was thrilled just stealing biscuits where ever she could find them. The ride to the class was a little hectic but coming home my dogs were at peace.  I plan on using my new skills as often as possible on all my animals and there are many, I only wish I learned CinergE before I left my nursing career.  I will have to find patients to use my new skills.  My husband enjoys it and says it definitely helps him. My dogs all seem happier and your encouraging words have given me the push I needed to continue practicing CinergE with confidence.

I am looking forward to your Reiki class.  I told many of my friends about your amazing skills as an animal communicator and healer and it’s nice to know that you are a phone call away.

Thanks and I hope you decide to come to our farm and talk to the animals.

Vicki Alderman-Watt

Greenville NY


Thank you so much for the wonderful Reiki 2 experience.  It was and continues to be a impactful experience.

LOTS of energy beaming in.  Also, recognizing old limiting patterns. Love the self-discovery and transformation.

I look forward to studying further with you.

Love, Kim


Cindy manages to provide a very nourishing climate in which to learn. People took emotional risks to reveal themselves to each other and that’s because she made everyone comfortable. All I can say is, more, more, more!

Mary Lynne Hansen-Hise, CinergE student


I am very glad that we finally met. Your CinergE treatments are remarkable. What is also wonderful is that there is no pain involved or any unpleasant sensations during the treatment. Until we “flick” again.

Jill B. student


Cindy, your clinic was amazing! Thank-You!

Barbara Appolonia, Energy Faciltator and former CinergE student


Cindy Brody is an excellent teacher. She is compassionate, knowledgeable and fun. She has the ability to create an atmosphere that allows everyone from beginner to experienced hand, to be enriched by the learning process.Cindy is an instructor of great skill and great heart!
Diane Epstein, Student


I met Cindy Brody about 17 years ago. My best lesson horse injured her shoulder and tendon on the ice. I had gone through the course of vets and even my Ferrier had serious doubt she would ever be comfortable to ride again. Someone told me about Cindy Brody. I am still in awe that this mare at the age of 30 took year end champion for the 3rd year at local shows. Cindy enabled this mare to heal and finish her job and years in comfort. I believe now!!! On a personal level I had the opportunity to attend a workshop with other farm managers and owners with Cindy this year. What a wonderful experience. The information was taught with great ease and explained well, the hands on work was “tingling.” This woman and her work amaze me every time I hear another story and am fortunate to witness another healing hand session by Cindy Brody. She is a true healer of human and equine. Thanks for caring for all of us!!!

Diane Long, Flying Change Farm, owner and instructor


Thank you for a great session all the way around. It was clearly what Jackie needed, and it was exactly what I needed too. I feel so much better just letting go of all expectations except FUN, and solely focusing on the Natural Horsemanship for a while to repair things for us. I feel so much lighter. Also, for the first time since I’ve owned Jackie, she was able to roll on both sides since her CinergE treatment. She has never done that before and that was quite significant.

So thanks for the healing xoxoxo

Much Love



Cindy has worked on my horse since he was four-years-old. Nelson is an ex-race horse, very sensitive, opinionated, on the hot side and, probably more than a few people would say, difficult. He is also talented, funny, affectionate and even through our trying times, he takes care of me, meaning I stay on. Besides her help in keeping Nelson sound and thriving physically, Cindy has been one of my great guides in helping me to understand him, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

From watching her work over the years and taking her clinic, I am able to daily work on my horse. This enables me to keep on top of aches, focus his mind, check his moods and continue to grow in my ability to listen and communicate, on the ground and in the saddle. Nelson is still sensitive, opinionated, and very demanding of me as a rider but I also have a partnership that I didn’t know enough to even dream of and which only gets more profound. In my continuing apprenticeship as a rider and horse woman, Cindy and her work have been and continue to be an immeasurable source of aid and illumination.

Maura Ellyn


Today, Legend and I went out on the trail for the first time in 5 months. He felt great — really sound and really loose. He felt a little bit like the day after the very first time you worked on him. We just walked and trotted a little and I swear I think he had a big smile on his face. I came home and read the story about him on your Web site. And here I am, bawling like a little kid.


Thanks for caring so much about him and helping him so much Cindy…



I can’t tell you how excited I am about the work you taught us. It is truly miraculous and I hope you can teach the whole world these techniques. This work is so gratifying and has given me a whole new feeling of confidence that I can help animals. It replaces that sense of not being able to DO anything when your animal is in discomfort or distress. Your CinergE allows the mutual giving of pleasure with the close contact that they previously would not have been as open to for such a prolonged period.

Thank you

Kim McElroy


Cindy’s work relieves mental and physical tension. There is a very noticeable difference.

Pat Kelly Jacobson, Instructor/trainer, Dressage Judge and co-author of Horse Around the House.


Using her Energy Balancing as a medium, Cindy combines sensitivity and intuition with her ability to facilitate healing.”

Susan Reichelt. Instuctor/Trainer, Southlands Foundation Riding School.