“Cindy’s work relieves mental and physical tension. A very noticeable difference.”

Pat Kelly Jacobson, Instructor/trainer, Dressage Judge and co-author of Horse Around the House.

Using her Energy Balancing as a medium, Cindy combines sensitivity and intuition with her ability to facilitate healing.”

Susan Reichelt. Instuctor/Trainer, Southlands Foundation Riding School.


I just wanted to touch base with you after the clinic to let you know what an impact it has had on us. I can’t speak for everyone, but I am noticing some significant changes in my horses since the clinic.
Donnie (the little grey horse) in particular is showing the most benefit from the work you started and I am trying to continue. His back soreness is seemingly gone and he lets me work on his fuses and his poll willingly, to the extent that, now sometimes when I approach him, he puts his head down and presents his poll to me right away; it is almost as if he’s saying “whatever that was, could you do it again?” And then, while I’m working, he’ll do a big stretch from head to tail and completely relax. It’s amazing! He’s never done anything like that before… He’s a different horse now. They all are ūüôā
For my part, I think practice is improving my skill and sensitivity a little at a time, and every once in a while I have one of those light-bulb moments when everything seems to fall into place. I still have a long way to go before I’ll feel completely comfortable with all of this, but I am excited about the prospect of learning more.
I hope you will be able to come back out and do another clinic here at Glenshee. It was a big hit with all of the participants and I am looking forward to learning more about CinergE and its applications. Thanks so much for coming out and presenting your workshop. It’s been a real eye-opener! Best regards,

Jacquie Elliott
Glenshee Equestrian Centre P.O. Box 182
Montgomery, NY 12549 845 457-6098

“I have seen a visible difference in the horse’s performance from this work”
Ronnie Beard, Recognized U.S.E.F. Judge & Renowned Trainer.

Kylie was born on 9/11/02. She has always been very “hyper” and reactive. She is also very sensitive on her right hind leg. Kylie is also very attached to me and “bossy”. When Kylie met Cindy, Kylie, after very minimal energy work, changed. She has a calmer and more loving demeanor and allows her right hind leg to be touched without stress.

Julie Williams

I apologize for not emailing you sooner. I’ve been meaning to tell you what wonderful results I’ve been having with the energy balancing work! I came home from the clinic and ran out to the barn to work on my horses, who were very body sore from their laminitis. Stormur, my gelding, in particular had gotten very sore throughout his whole body from being in pain for so long. He’d just been dragging himself around. His whole body was tense and he really didn’t want to be touched a lot. So I did a lot of above body work on him, as well as some direct body work where he would tolerate it. The next morning when I went out to the barn, the results were dramatic! Stormur was dancing! He was able to use his back again to pick up his front end, and started doing his little dance, back, sideways, etc. with bright eyes and a smile! It brought tears to my eyes! When I touched him, his body felt different. There was a softness that wasn’t there the night before. He was like a new horse! I was blown away! I’ve continued to work on him and my other horses, and they are all sound now and being ridden. I am astounded that I am able to get results with what little I know! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful work!

Best Wishes,

Mary Tarcza, Kingston, NY

Cindy Brody treats my horses regularly with CinergE body work. Her treatments are a critical part of the program that keeps my horses happy and competitive. CinergE helps to prevent injuries, and
when an injury does occurs, it speeds the recovery and aids the horse’s mental well-being. Without CinergE’s support, we wouldn’t be going to Devon!

Allison Kavey
USDF Silver Medalist, 1997 and 1998, NAYRC,
Developing Rider list for USET

“Our mixed-species pack sings songs of joy that Cindy does what she¬†does. So many times over the years her specific and direct¬†communications have helped us clarify confusions, deepen our¬†understanding and build the harmonious relationships with our animal¬†that is always our hearts’ desire. -L. Bailey, Colorado¬†After seeing the Dr. Doolittle movie as a child, I remember thinking, “How cool would it be if you really COULD talk to the animals?!” Being somewhat of a skeptic, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Imagine my surprise! Our session with Cindy provided incredible insight which has given a whole new dimension to my relationship with my dog. We weren’t even having problems; I went simply out of curiosity. Thank you Cindy, for sharing your gift! ”


“Cindy is a most amazing lady who is able to feel a horse’s pain and¬†know what to do. She is able to share with the owner how the horse is¬†feeling (whether happy or sad, etc) and teaches us wonderful hands-on techniques as well as stretching for our horse.”

Joan and Jenn Q

“Cosmo, a poodle/wire hair dachshund, came to me as a rescue with health problems, which over the last year we have seen much improved. After just one session with Cindy, I felt the already strong bond between us grow much stronger.
Through Cindy, Cosmo was able to share clear and relaxed observations about the life we share. From simply knowing his food preferences to his uncanny, intuitive (and sometimes funny) thoughts about his daily surroundings, including interactions with family and friends… the information we were able to share was rewarding and helpful on so many levels. Our relationship is forever changed for the best with the realization of how my thoughts, actions and any anxiety I feel are communicated to Cosmo and why he reacts as he does.
In addition, the body release work that Cindy did, and taught me to do going forward, helped to relax long held tension in Cosmo’s neck and back. ”
Thank you Cindy!
Virginia and Cosmo