Mental Postcards

February 14, 2017

heart postcard

Our relationships with our dogs are very deep. We love them with all our hearts and in return, they love us. They are loyal and always there for us, sometimes when no one else understands. As humans, we sometimes go away on vacations and sometimes we can’t take our best friends. They truly do miss us as we miss them, but sometimes when we travel they are safer and happier at home. No one should have to suffer when we go away. We can ease their stress by making sure they will still be connected to us while we are away. We can send them something I call “mental postcards.”  Mental postcards are simply a heartfelt message that you send when you are far from home. It is an intuitive postcard.  It’s sending positive energy to help your dog so that he will feel your presence when you are gone. You can send it out to any living being.

A mental postcard can also be sent in the form of a prayer, a meditation, or just a kind thought. Blind studies performed in hospitals have shown that people who are prayed for heal more quickly and with fewer complications than those who are not. Imagery work is very powerful, and all animals are amazing receivers of this type of energy work. I speak with animals all over the country by using these skills. I also send healing energy to animals that are sick or hurt. No matter how far away they are, they receive energy and it helps them get better.

Many people will tell me that they hide their suitcases until the morning before they leave on vacation. This can really stress some dogs out. Nobody likes these kinds of surprises. You need to prepare your dog. Start telling him a couple weeks before your trip. Let him know whether he is staying home or if he will be with friends. Remind him of how much fun he had the last time at Aunt Jill’s.

If he’s going to a kennel, take him for a visit. If you get strong feelings that he doesn’t like a particular kennel, try a couple more and choose the one that he gives you the best vibes about.  Making him a part of the decision will make everyone feel better.

There are a lot of people who pet-sit for a living. More and more people prefer to leave their animals at home, and when you don’t have a family member to come and stay with your dog, pet-sitters are a great option.

If you have a dog that is socialized, you can find a boarding kennel that shares your philosophy of dog care. Again, make sure you visit this kennel with your dog a couple of times so he’ll be familiar with it. Once you find the perfect fit you can tell him he’s going to camp. Make sure you bring him a couple of things from home that won’t be missed if they get lost or chewed up. I suggest an old T-shirt that has your scent; they make a great comfort blanket.

Here’s how we send mental postcards in the form of meditation: Find a quiet spot to sit, and then close your eyes and tune into your own breathing for a few minutes. This will help to get you more in the moment.  You can start by thinking about  your dog. Imagine his face and simply send him your love. You can also send your thoughts in the form of snapshots. “Hey Rex, I’m on the beach and I’m having a really good time. I’ll be home in a couple days.” Tell him you’re having a great time. If you feel a stress that doesn’t go away, call your dog-sitter and check in. It will help to alleviate stress for both of you. If you spend your vacation worrying about your dog, that is the mental postcard he will receive. When you’re good, your dog is good.

You can also think of some image with personal meaning for you. It can be a memory of a tender moment with your dog, or you can send him a mental picture of him surrounded by a glowing red heart. He will feel your love. It is really pretty simple. There is no right or wrong way to do this. It comes from your heart and from your love. Your dog will feel the soothing energy. He will feel your love and caring from long distance and it will be calming and connecting for him.

Sending positive thoughts to your dog helps to soothe any nervousness about your return. She will still feel your connection. If you are planning a trip, remember to let your dog know in advance: Just tell her you’re going to be away and that she will be staying with Aunt Jill and you will be getting much- needed downtime. Tell her not to worry because you always come home. I travel a lot with my work and my dogs miss me, but they are also fine without me. They do not suffer separation anxiety. They are always with people who love them and their standard of care remains the same. They feel my love wherever I am and I feel their love.