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Reiki 2

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December 1-2,  Friday night 6-9pm & Saturday 11-5, $275.



Developing Intuition & Animal Communication

January 26 – 27,  Friday night 6-9pm & Saturday 11-5, $275

My Developing Intuition and Animal Communication class is a one and a half day class. We learn to read animals that are living and crossed over, from photos. This class gives you all the basics of animal communication and teaches you to trust your inner voice. When you open up your intuition to animals they will notice and your relationships will grow. I limit this class to ten people. We all learn from each other and this is an eye opening experience into animal communication and healing. Snow dates: February 2-3



How to Register

$100. deposit to hold your spot. You can register by clicking here and selecting deposit in the drop down menu under ‘Clinics’. Please indicate your clinic selection when you check out by writing in the notes section in PayPal. For questions about clinics, please email us.

We hope you can join us, and that you will be moved to share this with your family and friends. Thank you!

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note that deposits are non-refundable. If you don’t attend a clinic you have signed up for, and have not notified Cindy via phone or email, you will forfeit your deposit. Deposits may be applied towards future clinics or private sessions with Cindy. Please allow at least 7 days notice if you are unable to attend a clinic so we may plan accordingly. We have scheduled snow dates for our winter clinics should inclement weather be an issue.


Happy Dog Therapy Clinic

TBD, One day clinic 11AM – 5PM, $125.

This is a class for well socialized dogs who get along well with others. It will be a day of fun and games, and working on developing a strong recall for your dog. You will learn simple techniques which include sending your love through the leash to your dog, how to quiet an excited dog with animal communication and very simple to learn techniques. Limited to 10 people and their dogs, we will start the class by learning basic hands on CinergE techniques. Please bring a leash and bowls for food and water. Make a deposit to hold your spot.

CinergE incorporates an array of complementary therapies such as energy
balancing, muscle testing, Reiki, acupressure, intuition and animal communication to help relieve physical and mental stress, muscle tightness, and joint inflammation in people and their pets . Used together, these techniques unlock tension, promote healing, and boost the immune system.


Reiki Classes

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing. It involves the channeling of universal life-force energy. No one clearly knows the origin of Reiki, but it is expected that it is an ancient healing system that uses healing symbols that are thought to have originated from Tibet, China and some have even speculated India.

When learning Reiki the students go through a series of attunements. There are three levels of Reiki and each level is taught in a different class. During a Reiki 1 class the Reiki Master will teach about the Reiki principles and the origins of Reiki. Students learn to channel Reiki in a way that empowers their own energy systems.

The Reiki 2 class teaches you the first three symbols and how to send energy long distance; again students will be able to channel even more energy into their hands. The attunements help to develop intuition as well as an opening of the chakras to receive more energy for healing.

Reiki 3 is the master class where you learn how to attune others and learn the Reiki Master symbol. After the attunements and some practice students will be able to pass on the Reiki attunements to others. I love attuning my students to Reiki. The connection with the healing energy can be life transforming. I have had students change their career path so that they could devote their lives to energy work.

I teach all levels of Reiki, which will help you to incorporate all the components of CinergE. It boosts your intuition and helps you to channel and send Reiki long distance. With a level 1 attunement you learn to treat yourself and all others! The Reiki classes are a day and a half, with the exception of the Master class that is 2 full days. Register Here by clicking Deposit in the drop down menu under clinics.

Reiki 1

TBD, Friday night 6-9pm & Saturday 11-5, $200.

Reiki 2

TBD, Friday night 6-9pm & Saturday 11-5, $275.

Reiki Master Review TBD The Reiki Master Review class is for anyone with a Reiki Master attunement that wants to learn how more about giving Reiki attunements. I will share marketing strategies on developing a Reiki practice. We will work with each other sharing Reiki and on Mastering the Reiki Master. $150.

TBD Reiki Share and Potluck: 2-5pm, Reiki students and practitioners will come together to share Reiki. We will work 3 practitioners to 1 person and take turns treating each other with Reiki. By sharing energy, we help each other to feel better and build this amazing healing energy and circle of light. Students get to practice what they have learned and be in community with other reiki students and practitioners. Bring a dish to share after the healing circle. After this first gathering, the idea is to get together again in 6-8 weeks and this time open up the reiki healing circle to the community. If you would like to learn more, please contact us here. 


CinergE for Dogs Class

TBD, Friday night 6-9pm & Saturday 11am – 5pm, $250.

Register Here by clicking Deposit in the drop down menu under clinics.

In CinergE for dogs you will learn the basic techniques that will help you to learn where your dog holds tension and how to release it. Whether it is nervous tension or physical tension, tension can cause mental and physical discomfort that can affect your dog’s behavior.

I will teach you muscle testing for animals. This technique is very basic kinesiology and it will help you to map your dog’s body. I call it “dousing the body for imbalances” and it can be used on every living creature.

I have used this technique to help animals heal for twenty years, and it is the perfect complement to the energy work I have been doing my whole life. Using what I call the “flick test” I can find where an animal is having pain or lameness issues that don’t show up in their physical appearance. A dog or horse, whose ribs are out of balance, will suffer back pain. This is a life changing technique for dogs and their people.

Once you learn how to find an imbalance I will teach you how to treat the imbalances to restore movement and relieve inflammation, by using simple light touches. I have developed very simple to learn techniques that promote healing and have a wonderful anti-inflammatory effect. Your dogs will help you learn by their reactions, they lick and yawn and get up and stretch and then they will do the shake it off.

You will learn my basic energetic massage. This is an easy massage progression that will help you address every inch of your dog’s body. It is a light touch method that helps your dog inside and outside. You will be stimulating the acupressure meridians and your dogs will love this massage!

I will also teach how to channel energy into your hands, for non Reiki students. It is very simple and I have been doing it since I was nine, almost fifty years, but who is counting!

As you learn CinergE for dogs you will be able to incorporate all the body work you have already been doing with your dogs. You will make CinergE your own!

I will also teach the basics of animal communication, but this is really another two day class.

This is a day and a half day workshop that I usually start in the evening from 6:00pm to 9:00pm on a Wednesday or a Friday evening and then 11:00 to 5:00 on a Saturday or Sunday. There will be a manual for this class.

I have done this class in one day, but really prefer to do it in a day and a half. I want everyone to be able to practice when they go home.


CinergE 1 for Horses


Horse people often miss that their horses are hurting; they think that their horse’s behavior is the cause of their misbehaving. This is not always the truth!

Is your horse happy?

Do you wish you could help ease your horse’s back pain?

Do you want to learn to identify where your horse holds tension- physical and mental?

Do you want your horse to be your partner?

Do you want to understand why your horse bolts, bucks and refuses?

Do you want to connect with you horse on a much deeper level?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can help you help your horse.

CinergE for horses is one of my favorite classes to teach. The horses are so sensitive and very responsive. I have been working with horses for over twenty years and have treated thousands of them all over the country. I have taught people how to help their trusted friends using my CinergE system.  Using a light touch method and muscle testing you can help to heal and maintain balance for your horses. CinergE can help to find tension before it becomes an injury. It helps to release inflammation and heal painful backs.

I was in Wellington, Florida in January 2015 and one of the horses I was going to work on, Beau, was having a very hard time. He had taken off in the ring with his rider and this was not the horse they knew. A veterinarian came to look at him. He found the horse was in serious back pain and had lameness in his right front. He was coming back to treat the horse the next day.

I worked on the horse that evening and eased his aching back. His eyes softened and I watched him release his defensive behaviors. He stood there yawning and licking and chewing as his pain faded away. He was pretty tight in his right shoulder and his right fetlock was really out of balance.  His left hip was also very tight and very tender. I gently worked his body using my light touch therapy.

The next day when the veterinarian came back to work on him, he was surprised the horse had improved so much and he didn’t need any injections. I was so happy for my friend Beau. The veterinarian had been very skeptical about my work, but after he saw the huge improvement he thanked me for helping his horses.

CinergE is easy to learn and can help every member of your family to heal and stay strong.  I have taught hundreds of grooms and people how to help their horses. We can cut down on medicines and veterinarian bills by using our hands and intuition. Of course CinergE does not replace our Veterinarians but it does keep our horses happier and sounder!

You will learn the building blocks of CinergE and how to help your horses by identifying and treating their pain. You will learn basic light energetic touches that you will be able to use on all living creatures. You will become even more popular than you already are! You will learn to quiet your mind and facilitate healing for both your horse and yourself. You will use this same information that I share for your dog’s comfort!

We will go over saddle fitting and look at your horse’s feet. There is a manual for this class.

This is a two day class that can be broken up into three nights.


Kids CinergE for Horses

In this series, kids aged 9-15 will learn to quiet their minds and facilitate healing for both their horses and themselves. Students will learn how to get started in communicating with animals, harness universal life energy and direct it in a way that can help heal themselves and others. $175. for 3 class series.

Refining your skills for horses

This is a clinic that will help you refine and define your skills. You will learn energetic massage and simple stretches for your horse. This is for people would have taken the Two Day CinergE Horse Clinic. Come and share your stories. We all learn from each other. Come share the experience!

Refining Your Skills

This class is for people who have taken CinergE 1 for horses.
Dates and location to be announced.

Kids CinergE Funshop
Dates and location to be announced.

Create Your Own Clinic
Let me know what your needs are and we can work together to create a special clinic.

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I love teaching people CinergE. I have several different clinics that can be tailored to fit your needs.