Just like my work with animals, CinergE for people has been shown to speed healing and recovery from surgery, reduce pain and inflammation and much more. Here are just a few things that I have helped people with over the years:

*Prenatal support
*Breast cancer
*Herniated discs
*Post-Surgical healing
*Heart disease
*Compassionate end of life transition
*Anxiety and stress reduction


“Cindy has helped me tremendously over the last few years. Not only with my dogs but working with me. I had 3 surgeries over the past 3 years and Cindy has done distance Reiki during the time of the surgery and and came to the house as soon as I was released to work on me. Her work has helped to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. The doctors are always surprised how fast I heal and the speedy recovery in general. I cannot praise her work enough and would recommend it for anybody to try.” -P.N.