Cindy Brody is amazing.  My dog Jade after one session of energy healing with Cindy showed remarkable improvement. The pained look was gone, movement was much easier and her rock hard muscles were relaxed and felt normal to the touch.  A second session brought more improvement.

The chronology of Jade’s problems included two episodes during the last year where she could not lift herself into a standing position . Each episode lasted about 3 hours. We took her to two different veterinarians to be checked. There were no clues from testing.  Then this spring , Jade looked suddenly older and in pain.  She was having difficulty with our stairs and getting into and out of my car.

And, Cindy’s gift as a communicator has been helpful. Jade has had the benefit of communicating over the years through a close family friend. To my surprise, when Jade first met Cindy, Jade immediately started “talking”. Jade must have spent three quarters  of our first hour telling Cindy things that  wanted me to know about her aging, her pain, her concerns about me and about our family. Also, she asked a lot of questions with Cindy’s help. During following sessions there’s a little chatting but mostly focus on Cindy’s energy healing.

For Cindy’s gifts as a healer and a communicator I am most grateful. I no longer fear Jade’s aging with pain. The arthritis is likely to continue. However, I know it can be managed with Cindy’s help.

I’m sharing this information to give others hope that their family pets can find pain relief through completely natural and loving treatments with Cindy Brody.

Babs Moley
Owner, River Rock Health Spa
Woodstock, NY


Hi Cindy,

Just a quick follow up.

Monty kept small indicators that it was his mouth that was the issue. (he told you it felt dry). Three different vets had examined him (2 emergency and his regular person) and everyone thought his mouth was okay.

But since he wasn’t stabilizing we asked our vet to take dental x-rays. The teeth on physical exam even under anesthesia looked fine. They were polishing them just waiting for the x-ray results as protocol and there it was. Five bad teeth.Two with significant root abscess issues. So they all came out yesterday. He’s back home resting and seems to be on the mend. Obviously sore but interested in food and purring up a storm. Soon we can find his blood sugar base line and hopefully he’ll have another round of joyfully living.

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Thank you again for checking in with him.

Love, Issa


Thank you for your love, care and support in doing what you do.  I am so happy and honored to have you in my life and the life of my animal children.  You go above and beyond the call of duty as a friend to both animals and people.  I love you and cherish you.

With heart & soul

I. and family


I am so grateful to you.  Please stay in touch and I look forward to seeing you in Aug/Sept in San Francisco Bay area.

A and pets


Thanks for working on Ellie.  She loves it.  I’m glad she’s coming along — you reassure me we’re going in the right direction.


Dear Cindy,

Bless you for your help and “magic touch”!  May your Christmas be bright and merry and may 2012 bring you all the joy and health and pleasure you need!


Dear Cindy,

We live in a wonderful time of support and love and i am so grateful for your support with our dog Zeus.  My boy has passed and it was so much easier, so much more complete because of our session with you.  Thank you for your work and for your compassion.

Blessings on this New Year.  May you fulfill the role in front of you, as Zeus instructed me to!

In appreciation and joy,

Dear Cindy,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping my Angel.  It seems we are even closer now than before.  I have been working with her every day and she is getting better every day.  We hope to see you again in a few months s o you can see the new Angel.

Thanks again,
A. and Angel

Dear Cindy,

Moxie, Dave and I are so grateful for your love, support and guidance.  Sharing your gifts with us fees the light, healing and love in our sacred space.  1000 thank yous.


Dear Cindy,

Addison and I are so thankful for all of your help!  Looking forward to talking to you on Friday.

Take care and stay warm,

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