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When Death Comes as a Surprise

As an Animal Communicator, I often work with animals that are sick and sometimes dying. It is an aspect of my work that I love. Through CinergE I can teach people how to help ease their beloved pet’s pain and suffering.

Often times a dog that is getting ready to die will have so much to say to his people. He will give last minute advice on what their beloved two legged mom and dad need to work on. Mom needs to start painting again, dad needs to make more time for exercise. Don’t worry so much about the kids are things I hear so often from dogs that are leaving us.

Other times it seems like death comes without a warning and these are the passings that are so hard for us to except. Last spring I had a dog come to my office with his family. He was suffering from severe back pain and was under the care of a wonderful veterinarian. His mom brought him to me to see if I could help. He was a funny little guy, even though he was in pain.

He spoke about his family and it was clear how much he cared for them and how much they loved him. He was a part of the heartbeat of their family. He was very attached to mom as she was to him.

I worked very gently with him and taught his family what they could do to help him. They were great students and I could see they would bring comfort to their boy. It was a lovely session. I asked them to bring him back in a week for a follow up.

The next week came and when they brought their sweet little guy to me he was feeling so much better. He walked around with a bright eye and was even a little fresh. I loved his little man, big man attitude. He spoke of his family and was as always very much in tune with them. I breathed a sigh of relief that it looked like he had a good life ahead of him.

I gave his mom more instruction on how to help him with his back and hoped someday she would come and study with me. It was clear she had done her homework as the little man was feeling fine. He never once said to me he felt like he was dying, but he was to leave us shortly.

I just found out about his passing and I wonder how I could have missed it. I replay the sessions in my mind and I see a little dog feeling better on his second visit. I sat back and meditated on this story and I think I have some peace of mind about it now.

Dogs live in the moment and when they are feeling good they don’t worry about tomorrow, like us humans. Maybe he didn’t want to burden his family. As I reflect back, he really did have messages for everyone in his family, just like other dogs do in their final days. He just didn’t appear to be as sick or in as much pain as most dogs who are getting ready to pass over the Rainbow Bridge.

My job is to help ease suffering and I think we were successful with easing this dog’s pain and making his last days a little better. As I send energy through a client’s body it is always for the greater good. Sometimes the greater good is the ending of suffering and the great release into the heavens.

His family knew how he felt about them and what he wanted them to know about how they could help themselves, through his little angel eyes.

I do believe our animals are angels sent to help us navigate through this beautiful but sometimes brutal world. I give thanks every day for the love that they bring to their families and to me.  I do have the best job. Sometimes, not very often, I’ll lose a client and it is a surprise, but it’s best to trust in the law of nature and God’s will. When it is our time to go, it may come without warning.

I recently spoke with an animal that crossed over and she said it was brilliant! She said she was twirling through the air with her sister who had left a couple of months earlier. The vision was so beautiful it was so much like my own near death experience. It was like wisps of fog swirling together, or snow whirling with the wind through an open field.

We fear death more than anything, for ourselves and for our loved ones. I have to believe that thought forms never die, because I’m very good at talking with those who have crossed over, thoughts are energy and energy never dies. I have always said that death is a great release for a soul, but painful for those of us left behind. I feel very certain that we will all be joined again in energy and thought forms with our loved ones, whether you call it heaven or another realm, I do believe our energy lives on and that our angels watch over us as we walk this earth and if we are lucky enough our heart dogs will be returned to us. I now really believe in dog reincarnation.

I give thanks for the happy little dog that came to my office with such joy and friskiness. I send his family healing energy for the loss of their loved one.  I will continue to bring love and healing to all my friends four legged and two legged.

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