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Mental Postcards

heart postcard

Our relationships with our dogs are very deep. We love them with all our hearts and in return, they love us. They are loyal and always there for us, sometimes when no one else understands. As humans, we sometimes go away on vacations and sometimes we can’t take our best friends. They truly do miss us as we miss them, but sometimes when we travel they are safer and happier at home. No one should have to suffer when we go away. We can ease their stress by making sure they will still be connected to us while we are away. We can send them something I call “mental postcards.”  Mental postcards are simply a heartfelt message that you send when you are far from home. It is an intuitive postcard.  It’s sending positive energy to help your dog so that he will feel your presence when you are gone. You can send it out to any living being. Continue reading

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