The Sponge Ladies Retreat, absorb CinergE and the sea!

Women on Beach talking

Cape Cod CinergE for Women Retreat, July 24-26, 2015

I am very excited to be hosting my first CinergE for Women retreat in beautiful Brewster in Cape Cod, Massachusetts at the Oestara House Artist retreat.

The focus of this retreat is to rejuvenate and learn how CinergE for women can help us all to feel better, release blockages, physical and emotional.

We will start our day with yoga and meditation.

I will be teaching muscle testing and the CinergE testing progression for women.

We will practice our Reiki and share our experiences with each other. We will be working on each other in groups. I’m very excited about this! This will be a unique healing experience for everyone!

We will enjoy some crystal meditations and guided imagery work. I encourage you to bring your favorite stones. Everyone will receive a special gift.

Our retreat is on the edge of the woods with amazing hiking trails, we are minutes from the bay and bike trails are also minutes away. We will be sending Reiki to the earth and will practice mindfulness meditation with nature.

We will take advantage of all the Cape has to offer.

Our fabulous Hostess Lorah will be cooking us divine breakfasts and lunches.

There will be time for independent time, although I’m sure we will all enjoy our together time. Bikes can be easily rented on the bike trail.

We will be checking in on the evening of the 24th. Lorah will have snacks available.

Check out will be after lunch on Sunday.

This retreat is limited to 6 women, so if you are interested please sign up soon and secure your place with a deposit. Total cost for retreat is $450. which includes lodging Friday and Saturday, and breakfast and lunch Saturday and Sunday. You’re welcome to add extra nights to extend your stay for $60. per night,  no meals included.

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Horse people often miss that their horses are hurting; they think that their horse’s behavior is the cause of their misbehaving. This is not always the truth!





Is your horse happy?

Do you wish you could help ease your horses back pain?

Do you want to learn to identify where your horse holds tension, physical and mental?

Do you want your horse to be your partner?

Do you want to understand why your horse bolts, bucks and refuses?

Do you want to connect with you horse on a much deeper level?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I can help you, help your horse.

CinergE and Southlands!

My CinergE horse practice was born at Southlands twenty years ago and within a year I had a waiting list for clients all over the Hudson Valley.  I would come to take lessons with Susie Williams, whom I can honestly say changed my life. After my lesson I would practice on their amazing school horses. People would notice an immediate difference in their movement and the horses were more relaxed.  I soon realized my place wasn’t riding horses, it was on the ground helping them

I will always be grateful to the Southlands Foundation; they helped me to make my dreams come true!

I have taught classes at this amazing facility for many, many years. We will be working on their special and  loved school horses. It is a wonderful way of giving back to the Foundation.  These horses are our angels and this is our way of saying thanks!

Part of the tuition for this class will be donated to Southlands for their schooling program. I suggest even if you don’t take my class that you support Southlands with generous donations. I am a shining example that Southlands is life changing and can help to make your dreams come true.

CinergE for Horses

Your horse doesn’t have to suffer from body and leg pain. A happy horse is a comfortable willing horse. There is a lot you can do to help your horse with your hands. A horse with a sore back can’t give you his/her best. I have an easy to 3 step techniques to keep your horses back from getting sore. A horse that is bucking, grabbing the reins and taking off is trying to tell you something.

CinergE will teach you how to scan your horse’s body and find where they hold tension. Tension causes tight muscles! Release the muscles you have a happy horse that loves you even more! Your relationship will grow! You will be your horse’s hero!

I have been treating and teaching CinergE for Horses for twenty years using simple techniques that I have been developing since I was a child. I have worked with thousands of horses at all level of competition all over the country, from Grand Prix Dressage horses to hunters and jumpers, endurance horses to retired horses and everything in between.

My dream is to teach the CinergE building blocks to as many people as I can because I want to end suffering for our animals. I can’t do this alone, I need your help! Together we can help to change the world for animals.

The CinergE building blocks are easy to learn! The simple basics can be used on any animal. If you are a person that loves to groom or massage your horse, you will learn to utilize energy balancing with ease.

CinergE keeps horses happy and helps to protect them from injury. When a horse is tight and sore it is prone to injuries. This system works! Please join us at Southlands for a very special weekend!

Saturday, May 16th 10-5

Sunday, May 17th 11-4

Please RVSP to Melissa at 845-679-3393 or email us at





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Reiki helps injured horse heal quickly

Bonita was a feisty mare who loved to kick up her heels with the other horses that she was turned out with. One morning as she was coming in from turn out the barn manager noticed a huge swelling in the shape of a horse shoe on her butt.  Bonita had pushed one of her friends too far.

When I arrived at the farm about a half hour later to with work with Bonita she was being defensive about her sore hip. You could now see a perfect outline on the shoe. Before I started working on the rest of her body I did some quick above body energy work over the injury. I held my hands about ten inches above her hip and I could feel the heat from her injury. I then focused the Reiki, being very aware that Bonita was being very protective of her swollen hip.  When the heat between my hands and her hip would build to very hot I would imagine pulling it out and flicking into into the earth. As I pulled the heat out without touching her, she would look over her shoulder at me, “What are you doing?” she asked with soft eyes.

I then went up to her face gave her a kiss and proceeded to work on the rest of her body using CinergE.

When I returned to her hip about a half hour later the swelling was all gone. I was able to place my hands on her hip and she closed her eyes and dropped her head.  Reiki is amazing for healing!

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Mother Dog Denies Puppy

Violet had just given birth to one big puppy, through a caesarian.  She was in pain and not so happy about being a mommy. She didn’t want to nurse the pup. I was called in to see if I could help.

Violet’s 2 legged mom had been up for over  48 hours feeding the puppy around the clock. She was very worried and very sleep deprived. I suggested that she grab a cat nap while I worked with Violet and her baby.

I carefully climbed into the whelping box folding my long legs underneath me. Violet looked at me with a sad soft eye. She was so sore and tired. I placed my hands gently on her and the Reiki flowed from my hands into her sore body.  She fell into a deep sleep. I placed my hands above her incision and I could feel the heat coming from it. I whisked the heat away with my hands and she gave a deep and restful sigh.

I then picked up the puppy and held her in my hands and the Reiki flowed gently as the puppy squirmed around in my hands.  She was very hungry and wanted to nurse.

As I adjusted my sleeping legs, I placed the puppy next to her mom.  I watched carefully because Violet had snapped at her just a few hours earlier. The puppy snuggled into Violet and Violet lifted her leg to let the puppy in. She proceeded to lick her baby all over and the bond was instant. Within minutes the puppy was nursing and by time Violet’s mom returned I was sitting in a chair reading a book while Violet was adored her daughter.

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Announcing CinergE Spring & Summer Clinic dates for Woodstock, NY


All Woodstock clinics are at 118 Tinker St.

Reiki 1 in Woodstock, April 3rd and 4th, Friday night 6-9pm &  Saturday 11-5pm

Reiki 2 in Woodstock, April 24th and 25th, Friday night 6-9pm & Saturday 11-5pm

Developing Intuition & Animal Communication, in Woodstock, May 1st & 2nd, Friday night 6-9pm & Saturday 10-5

CinergE for Horses at Southlands Foundation, Rhinebeck NY, May 16th and 17th, Saturday 10-5 & Sunday 11-4

CinergE for Dogs, June 3rd and 6th, Wednesday 6-9pm & Saturday 11-5pm, Location: Paul Green Rock Academy, 1293 Route 212, Saugerties, NY


You can register by clicking here and selecting deposit in the drop down menu under Clinics. We hope you can join us, and that you will be moved to share this with your family and friends. Thank you!

Want to hear how it all began? Here is Cindy’s story about the first time she found she could talk with horses…

Hello my name is Cindy Brody and I work with animals to help them express themselves through Animal Communication and CinergE. I have been talking to animals my whole life, I just never really thought about it. I have been a body worker for many, many, years.  I started with people in my early twenties and have been working with horses and dogs for twenty years.  I am now fifty seven. That is a whole lot of talking and body work!

I first learned I could talk with horses when Gail, whose horse I was treating, asked me, “If you can tell where Bogart’s hurting, can you tell what he’s thinking?”  Her request was a little bit tentative. I had no idea if I could communicate with Bogart. I decided to simply ask him about his life.

I said under my breath, “Bogart, are you happy living here?” This horse had to be thrilled to live on such a beautiful farm, I thought out loud, not really expecting Bogart to hear me. He had been a school horse for years and was now a senior citizen retired to a big green field where his biggest problem was getting fat. Gone were his days of ill-fitting saddles and living in a small stall for many hours at a time. When Bogart responded, his answer wasn’t so enthusiastic.

As I waited for his reply not knowing how I would receive it, postcard like thoughts and pictures popped into my head. They were very clear thoughts and they were not my own. Bogart had a complaint. I wasn’t sure if I was right or wrong, but I took a chance and told Gail what he was saying. “I love my life here,” Bogart said, “except for…when the boys come into the barn with the white rope.” When I relayed this to Gail she was a bit skeptical…and indignant. “My boys don’t come down to the barn and they wouldn’t ever do anything with a rope!” she said. I told her I could be mistaken, but the picture I’d gotten from him was extremely clear and kept flashing back to me: There was a white rope and there were boys and he didn’t like it. The image of the white rope kept presenting itself, over and over like a broken record.

I quickly changed the subject, finished my treatment, and left. Later that night I got a phone call from Gail. She’d asked the boys during dinner if they’d been down at the barn. They said they had, because their father had asked them to give the horses some hay. They’d thrown the hay in a pile in the middle of the barn for the horses to munch on, but Bogart didn’t want to share and kept chasing the other horses away from it. The oldest boy grabbed a white lunge line that was hanging on the wall and started throwing it at Bogart to get him to stop. He didn’t hurt Bogart physically, but he did hurt his feelings.

Gail was amazed, but not too amazed to tell her sons this: “Bogart told Cindy he doesn’t like when you do that. So don’t!” Just like that I became an animal communicator. It is as easy as that.

Since that day in the barn I have used these skills to help people with their animals all over the country. I have visited states from one side of this country to the other. Hawaii is divine!

My goal is to help people and their animals to understand each other and through giving their thoughts words I am living my life’s dream of making the world a better place for people and animals. Let’s face it without our four legged families we would be pretty stressed out. Our furry families help to calm us, they love and understand us when it seems to one else does.

Through my skills as an animal communicator and CinergE my body working technique I can help all animals feel better, the great thing about this is the trickle down affect. Happy pets, happier people.

I help rescue dogs to become more self-assured, this helps them to understand what their people need them to do. I have awesome clients and they do their homework. We have huge happy changes with in both our pets and their people! Whether it is a one on one session or a clinic, everyone learns what they can do to help their four legged family members. Everyone gets homework!

We all have the ability to learn to hear our dog’s inner voices. With my help you can learn too. This is NOT something only very special people can do. I have students from all walks of lives practicing CinergE with their whole families! I also work with people preforming Reiki and CinergE treatments. My people all have health challenges from cancer to arthritis, hip and knee replacements. My work is a healing practice and I love it!

CinergE helps you to find where your animals are hurting and help to ease their pain. Old dogs have body pain, dog athletes have tight muscles, stressed dogs hold tension just like people and their necks and shoulders get really sore just like ours! We can all learn to unravel our dog’s physical tension and when we do this they blossom.

I have worked with thousands of animals, all creatures great and small. I love every aspect of my work and look forward to sharing it with you. We can all help our families to feel better through communication and understanding. I work with dogs in all stages of life, from newborn puppies, to senior dogs, to dogs that are getting ready to cross over the rainbow bridge. I work with misunderstood dogs, hyper dogs, sweet and easy dogs. They all have thoughts and I help to give them a voice.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to helping you with your dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, turtles and any other creatures you care for.

Please check out my website and read my blog for more stories about my work. My CinergE for Dogs book is almost finished and I will be announcing on my website soon.

Together we can help all animals through communication and understanding.

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CinergE Intuition and Animal Communication Clinics offered in NYC and Boston


Dear Friends,

I always enjoy meeting new friends of the two or four legged variety, and sharing all the deep healing that CinergE has to offer. I love that all my two leggeds go home and do their homework. We work together to help heal our families. Together we make the world a better place for animals and people. CinergE is the gift that keeps on giving. In February, I will be heading to NYC to teach a Developing Intuition and Animal Communication clinic on the Upper East Side. I will see my Brooklyn clients on Wednesday, 2/25 and Manhattan clients on Thursday 2/26.

I then take Developing Intuition and Animal Communication to Boston mid-March. After that I head to California to teach the CinergE 1 for Horses clinic. I am currently booking private healing sessions in all locations. Click here to contact me if you wish to setup a session, or call the office at 845-679-3393. To register for one of the clinics, please click here, and select Deposit under the Clinic menu. If you have friends and family in these locations, will you please help spread the word?

My Developing Intuition and Animal Communication class is a two day class. We learn to read animals that are living and crossed over, from photos. This class gives you all the basics of animal communication and teaches you to trust your inner voice. When you open up your intuition to animals they will notice and your relationships will grow. I limit this class to ten people. We all learn from each other and this is an eye opening experience into animal communication and healing.

CinergE for Horses is one of my favorite classes to teach. The horses are so sensitive and very responsive. I have been working with horses for over twenty years and have treated thousands of them all over the country. I have taught their people how to help their trusted friends using my CinergE system.  Using a light touch method and muscle testing you can help to heal and maintain balance for your horses. CinergE can help to find tension before it becomes an injury. It helps to release inflammation and heal painful backs.

I was in Wellington, Florida earlier this month, and one of the horses I was going to work on, Beau, was having a very hard time. He had taken off in the ring with his rider and this was not the horse they knew. A veterinarian came to look at him. He found the horse was in serious back pain and had lameness in his right front. He was coming back the next day to treat the horse the next day.

I worked on the horse that evening and eased his aching back. His eye softened and I watched him release his defensive behaviors. He stood there yawning and licking and chewing as his pain faded away. He was pretty tight in his right shoulder and his right fetlock was really out of balance.  His left hip was also very tight and very tender. I gently worked his body using my light touch therapy.

The next day when the veterinarian came back to work on him, he was surprised the horse had improved so much he didn’t need any injections. I was so happy for my friend Beau. The veterinarian had been very skeptical about my work, but after he saw the huge improvement he thanked me for helping his horses.

CinergE is easy to learn and can help every member of your family to heal and stay strong.  I have taught hundreds of grooms and people how to help their horses. We can cut down on medicines and veterinarian bills by using our hands and intuition. Of course CinergE does not replace our Veterinarians but it does keep our horses happier and sounder!

You will learn the building blocks of CinergE and how to help your horses by identifying and treating their pain. You will learn basic light energetic touches that you will be able to use on all living creatures. You will become even more popular than you already are! You will learn to quiet your mind and facilitate healing for both your horse and yourself. You will use this same information that I share for your dogs comfort!

We will go over saddle fitting and look at your horse’s feet. There is a manual for this class.

This is a two day class that can be broken up into three nights.

As always I thank you for the gifts of working with your four legged family members.
I have the best job!

Yours truly,

Developing Intuition and Animal Communication

New York City -February 27th 6-9pm, February 28th 10am-5pm,
Upper East Side, exact location provided upon registration.

Boston -March 13th 6-9pm, March 14th 10am-5pm, Location TBA



CinergE 1 for Horses

California -exact Dates and Location TBA
Call us at 845-679-3393 or

Click HERE to Register!


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Adopt Locally and Save a Dog’s Life

shutterstock_dog in cage

Throughout my years as an animal communicator, I have always reached out to help rescue dogs and their families. I have met so many wonderful dogs whose people had amazing patience and undying love to help them acclimate to their new lives. Sometimes when I speak to the dogs and cats, all they need is for their voices to be heard, to be understood, and the bond between them and their new families grows in new and beautiful ways.

Recently, I worked with a dog who had traveled all the way from Georgia to find a new life here in New York. He was transported in a truck with many other stressed-out and sick dogs. The trip took over twenty-four hours and a lot of gasoline. The rescue person here in New York, who I will call Mandy, had good intentions, but she was overwhelmed by all of the Georgia rescue dogs now living in her home. Mandy was in over her head, and her good intentions had gone very bad.

The dog, who I will call Arnie, didn’t know which way was up when he arrived in New York. He had never been socialized around people and had tons of energy. Mandy knew she had to find him a home as soon as possible. She was drowning in a never-ending flow of rescue dogs.

Marla and her son Bill had heard about Mandy from a mutual friend. They wanted a dog with whom they could share their lives, a rescue dog they could give a second chance. They were not experienced “dog people,” but when they met Arnie, it was love at first sight.

Mandy did not interview Marla and Bill.  There was no adoption fee, no advice on what Arnie needed for a fresh start. She simply gave Arnie to them. Marla and Bill thought they had the dog of their dreams. They had no way of knowing how much this dog would require from them, but they soon found out.

Marla’s family is a blended family. Her husband works from home; they have three kids who go to college and live at home, as well as Marla’s brother and his two daughters. Everyone in the family wanted badly for this adoption to work out for Arnie. They were all rooting for him.

Arnie had stolen their hearts, but things were not going as well as they had hoped. They soon realized that he had tons of nervous energy. He was reactive to daily activities around the house. He had never been exposed to vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, plastic shopping bags–they were all terrifying to him. He would bark and bare his teeth if someone surprised him.

They knew he needed a lot of exercise, so they threw the ball endlessly for him, walked him, and did their best to wear him out. They hired a dog trainer to help teach Arnie some manners. But he had no socialization skills. Living inside a house with people was new to Arnie, and his stress was building. He was starting to react aggressively towards three members of the household. He was becoming very protective of Marla and Bill. He didn’t like people getting too close to them.

As in all large families, personalities clash from time to time, and when this happened it was way too much for poor Arnie. He had never learned his canine ABC’s.  It was clearly becoming a very dangerous situation. Marla and Bill knew that they were in way over their heads and that someone could get hurt. Even though Arnie was in training, they could not get him to calm down. They could get him into a crate but he would bark, growl and snap at the three family members if they even looked at him.

Marla reached out to Mandy, his rescuer, who said, “He’s your dog, you haven’t tried everything. I will not take him back.”  Their hearts were broken. Mandy stopped returning their calls. They didn’t know what to do.

Marla spared no expense trying to help Arnie. She had him tested for Lyme disease and made sure he was up to date with all his vaccinations. She paid for a trainer and then brought him to me. None of us could wave a magic wand over Arnie’s head and give him the immediate socialization he needed to live among so many humans.

Out of desperation, Marla called rescues all over the state. No one would take Arnie. He was aggressive and no one would take a chance on him. In reality, he was a huge liability. Finally, Arnie was put to sleep in the arms of the people who loved him the most. He died with love and dignity.

This family is heartbroken; all of them, even the ones Arnie had been aggressive towards are saddened beyond words. The family feels they failed him. I have tried to tell them that it wasn’t their fault. It was the system Arnie came through that had failed him.

In New York State, good dogs die in shelters every day. When we rescue dogs from out of state, we have very little knowledge of who they are and what they’ve been through. They are hauled in trucks with many other animals, at great expense to the families waiting for them. Often they are sick with kennel cough or coccidia, and these diseases can spread to other animals in the home.

 I have worked with dogs so shaken and sick after arriving from the trip down south that their personalities were very hard to read. One dog had ridden in a crate that had slipped during transport. He traveled with his right front leg braced against the side of the crate to keep his balance. Once he arrived in New York, he earned a trip to a behaviorist when a six-year-old accidentally rolled into him. He reacted by nipping her head. No skin was broken, yet the behaviorist suggested that they euthanize the young dog. I found that the poor guy was so body sore that he reacted out of pain. Once his pain was addressed, he became a solid citizen. He is now the dog of his family’s dreams. Unfortunately, this was not Arnie’s fate.

When out of state adoptions fail, the dogs end up back into the rescue system. This time they are in the state of New York taking away funds that can be used to help our strays and surrendered dogs, causing a financial strain on our state’s resources–or these dogs get euthanized. There are thousands of dogs born and raised in New York State that are waiting for their forever homes. Many of these dogs have had behavior evaluations, and some have received basic obedience. Potential families can visit these dogs as many times as they like before they choose to adopt. If there is a problem after adoption, families can go back to the rescue for help.

I urge all of my readers to help our local shelter dogs. There are many purebred rescues here in New York or any state that you are currently living in, if it’s a purebred you desire. Dogs that are flown across country are terrified by the journey. Being stowed under the plane is very loud and terrifying. I couldn’t see myself traveling in the belly of a plane or imagine a timid dog in a crate all alone with none to comfort him, a dog that could have possibly never lived inside a building, let alone the cargo compartment of a plane. It breaks my heart for them. Can you imagine how they process turbulence? Please adopt local.

Note: I am not against responsible breeding. I am against breeding so that the kids can experience the miracle of life. I’m against backyard breeders that teeter dangerously on the edge of becoming hoarders. I am against puppy mills. I am against breeding dogs that will be used for fighting or other vicious sports.

I am all for finding the dog of your dreams locally, for so many good reasons. When it comes to adopting from shelters from out of state, the odds are sometimes not in your or the dog’s favor as you can see from this story.

I am not totally against adopting out of state, especially if you can take the time to drive and pick them up. Transports are very stressful for the pets that are rescued from out of state. I am simply asking, I am actually begging for you to look locally first. The dog of your dreams could be ten minutes away. There are dogs out there that live out their lives in shelters because no one wants them, suffering the life of an imprisoned animal. It’s hard for them to remain sane in a shelter system. Even no-kill shelters sometimes have to make a tough decision of whether a dog can live or not. Sometimes there is no choice. Dogs are dying in shelters in the State of New York. Dogs are dying in your home state. Healthy dogs that enter the shelter system often catch kennel cough, and when a healthy dog becomes sick they most often are euthanized.

The best way to prevent dogs from ending up in kill shelters anywhere is to support spay-neuter programs. There are such programs all over the country, and they need your financial support. Call your local shelters and donate to their spay and neuter programs. You will help save so many dogs and cats from a life of suffering. You can donate money or volunteer at local shelters and get to know the pets before you adopt them, while helping to ease the burden of a system that is much stressed.

I am stepping down from my soap box and dedicate this blog to Arnie. I am keeping a promise I made as an eleven year old when volunteering at our local SPCA. The things I witnessed are etched in my mind. I made a promise to the dogs, cats and to myself that I would do something to make a difference for homeless animals. May Arnie’s life not have been lived in vain, and may his story save other dogs from suffering. Peace and love to all strays and homeless animals everywhere. Please adopt local and save a dog’s life.



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Who Watches Your Dog When You Go On Vacation?

It’s vacation time and you are excited, but at the same time there is a knot in your stomach. As much as you’re looking forward to traveling, you are also leaving your best friends behind.shutterstock_187461116 It is stressful for all of us people who have furry family members. We know that our dogs are accustomed to our being there for their every need and we never want to upset them or their routine.

Over the years I have helped people find the best options for taking care of their darlings while we are away. There are many different things to consider when looking for the perfect sitter. We are lucky today because there are so many more options for pet care. There are many choices from high-end puppy spas, to camp-like boarding kennels and pet sitters who will watch your pet while taking care of your plants and home. What’s right for you?

Is your pet used to you being home all the time? Does your pet have separation anxiety? Is your pet used to going everywhere with you? Is your pet elderly and require special care? Is your dog socialized and love being with other dogs? All of these questions are key elements to finding the best care for your family.

Dogs that go to doggy daycare can sometimes be boarded at the daycare facility.  It is a great option, because your dog and you will know who they caretakers are and will be familiar with the other dogs. If they don’t offer expanded boarding they will often know who does and it is likely that their other clients also board there so you can get references.

If you are deciding to board your dog for the first time, I recommend that you bring your dogs to the boarder and let them get acquainted with the program. When you visit, if you have any uncomfortable feelings about the place, keep looking. I have had so many people tell me that they had a bad feeling when they went to visit a facility and when they got back from vacation their dog wasn’t right and ended up with kennel cough or had fleas. Your intuition is always right.

Dogs that are not used to being boarded are sometimes better off with a pet sitter coming to your home. Always get references and look for referrals from neighbors and friends. Make sure that you like the pet sitter as your dog will know if you are worried about your sitter’s abilities. These services can be expensive but are worth it if your pet is nervous outside of their own home. Sometimes if you are lucky you can get a family member or friend to stay with your dog. This is great if your dog is timid and has a hard time making new friends. If this is the case and you are hiring a pet sitter for the first time make sure that he or she spends time with your pet before you are set to go vacation.

There are many people that offer crate-free boarding. These are folks that bring pets into their homes and allow them free range in their homes. If your dog is socialized and likes being with other dogs, this could be perfect. Most of these boarding situations are small businesses and the boarded dogs are used to being with each other. See if they will let you do doggy day care if you decide on this option, then you will see how your dog responds. Again, if you walk into the crate-free boarders home and it is dirty and all the dogs rush you and your dog and the caretaker has to raise her/his voice to control the dogs; you may have to keep looking for another situation. Also make sure that there is a fence around the house to keep your dog safe. I always want to see that there is more than one barrier to get to the front door to protect a dog from running out, a gate outside the door helps fail an escape artists attempt to get out.

There are many great veterinarians who offer boarding. They love your animals and already know them. The dogs get walked regularly but are most of the time restricted to a crate. If your dog hates going to the veterinarian, boarding there is not an option.

I advise not to sneak around while you’re packing, let your dogs know that you are leaving and that you will be back. Check out my blog on sending mental postcards. By doing long distance communication we can help to ease their worries. We can all talk to the animals! Have a safe and wonderful vacation!


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How-To Talk to Animals – published in Modern Cat Spring/Summer ’14


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How Does A Human Talk With An Animal?

When dogs come to see me, I first allow them to walk around my office and check the place out. There are lots of good smells everywhere, and all dogs love to explore them. Once they get the chance to do what comes naturally for them, they relax. As my four-legged clients are settling in, I pull up a pillow and sit on the floor next to them. As I run my hands over their bodies, I gently introduce them to the energy work. I let them move about freely as they need. As they feel the energy tingling from my hands they like to take little breaks to process it. Some dogs are surprised by this sensation and will turn around, look and sniff at my hands. “What do you have in your hands”? I always honor their needs. This quickly establishes a trusting relationship between us.IMG_0083

Some dogs will start talking right away; some take a little bit longer to settle down. All dogs have their own speaking style just like people. Some talk in short sentences, taking breaks in between their thoughts, others talk in run on sentences and it can be challenging to keep up with them. A dog that will talk in fragmented sentences, whose thoughts and attention span are all over the place, remind me of people with Attention Deficit Disorder. “I love when my owner…what’s that on the wall? I need to go out. What’s that noise? Are you coming?” These dogs can be challenging to read, but are always brilliant once I help them to focus. Each dog talks of their feelings of love, happiness and sometimes of their disappointments and concerns.

Animals communicate to me with thoughts, feelings, or images, like snapshots, that I receive almost as if they were my own. Sometimes the thoughts don’t make sense to me, but are dead-on to the dog’s owner. Sometimes a dog will talk in feelings. I will feel its sadness, or an adrenaline rush, or confusion, these are not my feelings; they are the dog’s feeling. Once they know they can trust me they will share what they’re feeling with a sense of relief.

It’s easier to communicate when I quiet my mind. Sometimes as the dog sniffs around the room I will sit with my eyes closed and allow random thoughts to drop into my mind. With some dogs you can tell what they are thinking by the way they move their bodies. (Thank you, Fawn, for your tutorial.)  If they hold their heads low and avoid eye contact, you know that they are feeling insecure and need to talk. If they are bouncy and moving about seemingly care-free, you know that they are happy. A happy dog’s biggest complaint may be that you changed his kibble! These are only generalizations, though, as each dog presents in his or her own way. As with humans, each dog communicates differently.

Dogs will look the other way when they don’t want to change a behavior. It’s very funny and very clear to everyone when this is the case–not much different from what you might see in humans who don’t want to change, no matter how their behavior affects others.

It helps to get things going when the owners bring questions. I am a problem solver, a relationship counselor between dog and owner. Often humans will come with lists of what their dogs are doing wrong. What they don’t realize is that some of an owner’s behaviors are upsetting to their dogs. Once we get it all on the table and both parties have a chance to speak, then they come to a better understanding of each other.  As long as the human does their best to live up to their part of the agreement, the dog will try to live up to his. It’s important to remember that everyone has an opinion, and sometimes people don’t want to change their opinions. This holds true for dogs as well.

Dogs are pack animals and we are their leaders in healthy dog-human relationships. They look to us for love, food, water, guidance, shelter, protection and direction. (Not to mention lots of cookies.) Have you ever noticed how much your dog watches you? They spend much of their time being aware of us, whether they are sleeping or awake. If we move they are aware of it. They see us when we’re strong and also when we are weak, whether it is a physical illness or an emotional illness, it can cause them much concern.

Most dogs don’t want the leadership role. They are happy to follow at our heels. When we allow them to take the lead some dogs will get insecure and possibly aggressive. They need us to define boundaries for them because it keeps them from getting anxious. It’s part of what keeps dogs emotionally healthy.

When we are troubled it rocks their emotional boat. They can act out in uncharacteristic ways, confusing for all concerned.  When we open up our hearts and communicate to them by projecting our thoughts, (the same way they send thoughts to us) it can help to calm their nerves.

Our dogs are very wise and the older they get the wiser they become. They are an expert at reading our moods and as I have learned over the years, our minds.

When I do readings, my focus is on helping the dogs to express themselves. If they’re in conflict with their humans, we come up with compromises, by asking the human or dog to adjust their behavior.

Sometimes we humans send very mixed messages without realizing it. I am the dogs’ advocate and their voice.



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