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Harness Health and Healing with Reiki

I want to attune as many people I can to Reiki and have a Reiki 1 class coming up September 8-9 at my West Hurley, NY clinic. I have been working with energy for most of my life and I know how incredibly healing and soothing Reiki can be.

I have helped people and animals in all stages of life to heal and feel better using the most simple of tools, loving intention and universal energy. One of the greatest things about Reiki you don’t even have to touch someone. I can beam my hands at someone from a distance and share the Reiki in this manner. I can send the Reiki long distance in the form of a prayer. It has been documented in medical studies that people who are prayed over tend to heal faster and more fully.

I share love through the Reiki in my hands.  I want to help everyone develop their own healing ministries. I want to teach people how good they can feel by giving themselves gentle, loving reiki energy everyday.  It is my intention to help others heal that fuels my practice. It is my dream to help the world to heal.

In my people practice I have worked with people in all stages of life in a variety of situations, from infertility to helping mom’s deliver babies. I have helped people to pass away peacefully and everything in-between life and death. I do this by gently laying my hands on and allowing the energy to flow through my hands and to go where it is needed for people’s greatest good.

During a treatment, people get so relaxed they go right into a deep sleep. This is wonderful when I am working with people and animals that are very ill and are having a hard time sleeping. I lay my hands on and I can see the stress leave their faces and then my clients drift off into a restorative slumber, people and animals alike. There is no difference.

A Reiki 1 class doesn’t involve learning lots of complicated techniques. It only requires your intention to help yourself and your family with universal energy. I often say that Reiki 1 is learning to channel the love from your hearts into your hands. In this day and time we all need tools to help us to find peace and calm in a loving and nonjudgmental way.

I have worked with surgical clients for many years and they all heal very quickly, whether they have 2 legs or 4. I have been in the operating room, I have helped clients in the recovery room and I have been there when they come home. If I can’t be there I can send the energy long distance. It simply works.

I invite you to help me live my dream to make the world a better place for animals and their people by learning and sharing Reiki. I will be teaching Reiki 1 September 8-9 and have a few spaces available. Send me an email at for more details. We are all unique and we are all loving beings and when we come together with empathy and compassion we help each other to heal.

Peace love and healing always,



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Trusting Your Intuition











Animals speak in different ways. Some dog’s converse in thoughts, others in feelings and in Willies case in pictures, or as I like to call them snap shots. Then there are some dogs who converse in thoughts, feelings and snap shots.

Willie was a 5 year-old pug at the time. I met him at a street fair. I love doing quick readings and this fair was so much fun. I had a line of dog owners down the street. I had loads of fun talking to all the dogs. Willies’ owner, Jackie was not a believer in animal communication and it was written all over her face.

Her friends all had their dogs read by me and everyone was thrilled with what their dogs had to say. Willie’s mom was giving into peer pressure, it was her turn and she wasn‘t buying into it. She walked into my tent with perched lips and a wrinkled brow sporting an “I can’t believe I’m doing this” expression that was written all over her face.  Sometimes if a dog’s owner is a non-believer the dogs will be tougher to reach. This was not the case with Willie.

Willie was sitting happily on Jackie’s lap when we started to talk. His tongue was hanging out the side of his mouth and his eyes were big and bright. I could see he was a happy and relaxed little guy.  I started out by asking Willie what some of his favorite things to do were. This technique is great for getting the ball rolling. He quickly showed me a picture of his head sticking out of a car window with his purple tongue hanging out of his mouth. He then said through thoughts and a disappointed feeling, “I’m not allowed to do this and I’m not happy about it.”

Jackie who is a responsible dog owner got very defensive. She said in a slightly raised voice, “Its way too dangerous to let him hang his head out the window of a moving car. He could have his eye put out by a rock or a bug.” I agreed with her and told her that it was very dangerous. When I turned the conversation back to Willie his simple reply was, “But, I’m allowed to hang my head out the window on the boat!”  She was so very surprised. I thought she might fall out of her chair. How did I know she had a boat? Willie was a boating enthusiast. Next to rides in the car, the boat is one of his favorite activities. Willie showed me a picture of himself with his happy face into the wind as they cruise down the river in their boat.

She confessed that they did often take him on their boat and he was allowed to put is nose into the wind.  She then stated flatly, “That’s very different!” I tried to explain the difference to Willie but he wasn’t having it. To him having his nose in the wind was his favorite thing.

When I’m reading animals I have to trust the information I get from them. Now had I dismissed Willie’s thoughts about the boat thinking that pugs aren’t boating dogs, I would have missed the entire point of his story. I trusted what I heard Willie say and as a result I was able to relay his message to his owner. No matter how I tried to explain the difference between riding in a boat or a car Willie was stuck on, “It wasn’t fair.”

Willie’s mom got up abruptly and left my tent. I think she was upset that I could actually talk to Willie! You just can’t please some people! LOL! Willie was one cool little dude.

This article appears in Healthy You Magazine May/June 2014

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Finding the Dog of Your Dreams, part 2: The Trainer Connection

Please enjoy part 2 of this 3 part article to help you find the dog of your dreams!

Part Two: The Trainer Connection

Even the smallest and sweetest of dogs need to learn their manners alphabet. They need us to help them learn that we are kind and benevolent leaders, that we will keep them safe. They need to know that most strangers are friends. They need to learn to trust that we will protect them and guide them with love. They need to learn not to jump on people and how to be a good greeter.

Dog trainers all have their different philosophies. There are reward based trainers, and then there are no reward based trainer. There are trainers that use force and shock collars and there are trainers that use behavior modification based on mutual respect and structure.

I have seen trainers create worse situations for their clients. Research and ask around before you hire someone to train your dog. Ask your friends who they used. Look at websites and videos and if you feel comfortable with the training techniques and the dog’s responses, then call and set up an appointment.

If the trainer’s philosophy is different than yours then DON’T hire him or her. Your dog is a family member and some trainers can be abusive. This can undermine your training program. A successful training program is one that you will follow, one that you commit too. A training session is typically only an hour, and if you don’t do your homework your dog will not learn his lessons.

Jangles is a Boston terrier and a very dear friend of mine. He was a rescue and found his perfect home with Julia.  She loves him beyond words and their relationship has continued to grow over the last year and a half that they have lived together.  He is Julia’s constant companion.  He laid next to her as she fought breast cancer and would never leave her side.  His gentle snores helped to calm her and there were days when she needed him more than he knew. When you look into his eyes he will show you the depth of his soul.

He has been her “little man”, and sometimes he can be a little bit of a macho dog. He still has some insecurity from his rough start in life.

Julia has a store and Jangles job is to go to the store and be a good boy. Most of the time this is an easy job for him. He lays curled up in his bed and is a very pleasant greeter dog.  There is only one problem, –Jangles doesn’t like other dogs.  The terrier in him comes out as soon as someone attempts to come into the store with a dog.

One Sunday afternoon an old friend of Julia’s came into the store. Joe, a famous dog trainer has trained dogs for movies.  He is very successful and travels all over the country training dogs. Joe said he could “FIX” Jangles’ problem in a minute.  Julia agreed because she worried that Jangles could someday get hurt with his macho response to other dogs.  Joe left the store and came back an hour later with his famous German Sheppard.  Julia felt uncomfortable but she trusted her old friend.  Joe is a dog expert.

As soon as Jangles saw the bigger dog he went into his routine, “I am Jangles the great protector of this store” and at that very moment Joe slapped Jangles in the face. It did stop Jangles for the moment, but within seconds he was winding up again, and once again the trainer slapped him on the nose. Jangles quieted down instantly. As he started to wind up again, Joe raised his hand and Jangles ducked his head to avoid the slap and stopped barking. The German shepherd sat and watched, he did not move.

Julia was very upset and was so uncomfortable with this training method.  She ended it with her sweet Jangles cowering by her side. In her heart she knew that the trainer was wrong and she was so upset with herself for allowing this scene to happen.

When I saw Jangles in my office he looked worried and as I went to pet his head he ducked his sweet face away from me, he was hand shy.  Every time I would go to touch his head he would flinch and close his eyes. He had started a new habit of nervously marking all over Julia’s house.

When Julia would get upset, little Jangles would feel terrible about himself. He would immediately get submissive and lower his head.

Jangles and I talked about the dog trainer. He said he couldn’t help himself, that when he’s around the other dogs it’s just how he reacts.  He said he was trying to be a good dog.  I assured him he was absolutely a good dog and that we would help him.

Helping him required managing him and not putting him at risk.  Julia no longer takes Jangles to the store on weekends when there is a lot of traffic through the store. His bed is no longer by the front door.  There is a big sign that says, “NO DOGS, PLEASE” when Jangles is in the store.

When at home, Julia exercises Jangles in the backyard playing ball. He also gets longer walks and never a harsh admonishment when he slips up and pees inside. He has been doing much better and you can see it in his soulful eyes. The worried look is almost gone.

Jangles needed to be managed, not smacked in the face. It took months and lots of TLC for Jangles not to duck when people would go to pet him. He did recover fully from the training experience. Love, better boundaries and respect helped Jangles to become the best dog ever.

Once your trainer leaves you with a lesson plan, you will have to do your homework to make the training successful. If you disagree or are uncomfortable with what the trainer has you doing, you will only confuse your dog making the transition harder for all involved. A family who argues over training techniques creates conflict over the dog. Trust me, your dog will feel the conflict and his/her behavior and self-esteem will suffer. It is always more successful when the whole family is on the same page when training a dog.

-Stay tuned for Part Three!-

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When Death Comes as a Surprise

As an Animal Communicator, I often work with animals that are sick and sometimes dying. It is an aspect of my work that I love. Through CinergE I can teach people how to help ease their beloved pet’s pain and suffering.

Often times a dog that is getting ready to die will have so much to say to his people. He will give last minute advice on what their beloved two legged mom and dad need to work on. Mom needs to start painting again, dad needs to make more time for exercise. Don’t worry so much about the kids are things I hear so often from dogs that are leaving us.

Other times it seems like death comes without a warning and these are the passings that are so hard for us to except. Last spring I had a dog come to my office with his family. He was suffering from severe back pain and was under the care of a wonderful veterinarian. His mom brought him to me to see if I could help. He was a funny little guy, even though he was in pain.

He spoke about his family and it was clear how much he cared for them and how much they loved him. He was a part of the heartbeat of their family. He was very attached to mom as she was to him.

I worked very gently with him and taught his family what they could do to help him. They were great students and I could see they would bring comfort to their boy. It was a lovely session. I asked them to bring him back in a week for a follow up.

The next week came and when they brought their sweet little guy to me he was feeling so much better. He walked around with a bright eye and was even a little fresh. I loved his little man, big man attitude. He spoke of his family and was as always very much in tune with them. I breathed a sigh of relief that it looked like he had a good life ahead of him.

I gave his mom more instruction on how to help him with his back and hoped someday she would come and study with me. It was clear she had done her homework as the little man was feeling fine. He never once said to me he felt like he was dying, but he was to leave us shortly.

I just found out about his passing and I wonder how I could have missed it. I replay the sessions in my mind and I see a little dog feeling better on his second visit. I sat back and meditated on this story and I think I have some peace of mind about it now.

Dogs live in the moment and when they are feeling good they don’t worry about tomorrow, like us humans. Maybe he didn’t want to burden his family. As I reflect back, he really did have messages for everyone in his family, just like other dogs do in their final days. He just didn’t appear to be as sick or in as much pain as most dogs who are getting ready to pass over the Rainbow Bridge.

My job is to help ease suffering and I think we were successful with easing this dog’s pain and making his last days a little better. As I send energy through a client’s body it is always for the greater good. Sometimes the greater good is the ending of suffering and the great release into the heavens.

His family knew how he felt about them and what he wanted them to know about how they could help themselves, through his little angel eyes.

I do believe our animals are angels sent to help us navigate through this beautiful but sometimes brutal world. I give thanks every day for the love that they bring to their families and to me.  I do have the best job. Sometimes, not very often, I’ll lose a client and it is a surprise, but it’s best to trust in the law of nature and God’s will. When it is our time to go, it may come without warning.

I recently spoke with an animal that crossed over and she said it was brilliant! She said she was twirling through the air with her sister who had left a couple of months earlier. The vision was so beautiful it was so much like my own near death experience. It was like wisps of fog swirling together, or snow whirling with the wind through an open field.

We fear death more than anything, for ourselves and for our loved ones. I have to believe that thought forms never die, because I’m very good at talking with those who have crossed over, thoughts are energy and energy never dies. I have always said that death is a great release for a soul, but painful for those of us left behind. I feel very certain that we will all be joined again in energy and thought forms with our loved ones, whether you call it heaven or another realm, I do believe our energy lives on and that our angels watch over us as we walk this earth and if we are lucky enough our heart dogs will be returned to us. I now really believe in dog reincarnation.

I give thanks for the happy little dog that came to my office with such joy and friskiness. I send his family healing energy for the loss of their loved one.  I will continue to bring love and healing to all my friends four legged and two legged.

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Getting some help from the “Crazy Pet Lady”


We are featuring guest blogger, Emily Burke, as she shares her story of first discovering Cindy’s work as an Animal Communicator. Emily describes how Cindy went from being a “Crazy Pet Lady” in her mind, to helping her misunderstood cat Mushu feel better and aided in repairing their relationship.


“… If you’re like most normal human beings and don’t believe in weird psychic shit like I do… that’s okay… because even just *imagining* your pet saying all these things will bring some clarity, some laughs, and some tears ;-). The very first thing animal communicator Cindy Brody said was…”

Click here for the full excerpt. 

If you and your fur babies can use some Animal Communication help, reach out to us here. Tell us a little bit about your situation and someone will be in touch to help you setup an appointment. Click here to learn more about CinergE Animal Communication and Healing. 

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Does My Dog Love Me: The Happy Dog Therapy

C.Brody-9775LR If you enjoy this article, learn more by signing up for a clinic with Cindy Brody! NEW Happy Dog Therapy Clinic, Sunday, July 9th, 2017 in West Hurley, NY Click here for more information and to make a deposit to hold your spot!

Does My Dog Love Me: The Happy Dog Therapy

There are 3 Massive Mistakes that rescue dog owners make that keep them stressed out by their dog’s constant anxieties and insecurities, and can lead to their dogs barking and nipping at people. The Happy Dog Therapy builds confidence for all dogs and their people.

In my work as an Animal Communicator and CinergE practitioner one of my favorite groups of dogs to work with is the shy and nervous dogs. So many rescue dogs come through the shelter system not knowing which way is up and because of this their fears can create behaviors that can make them hard to place. They have been through so much that they can be terrified by things that are completely normal for other dogs.

As a child I volunteered in our local shelter. I was appalled by the way dogs were handled. The fearful dogs didn’t stand a chance. They died. I made a promise then that I would do something to help change the world for them. Here is a gift for your dog, from my heart to yours and from your heart to their amazing hearts.

What is the problem with nervous dogs?

  1. Dogs had no early socialization and little to no basic obedience.

Dogs that are worried, frightened and anxious can often become fear nippers and can bark so much that you think you are losing your mind. They never learned their self-confidence with people ABC’s as a puppy. Often people were mean.

These poor dogs were never successfully taught basic obedience. They are actually self-comforting themselves with their nervous energy lifestyle. Their default behavior is to control their environments with their insecurities. It is what they know.

What are the ramifications?

Dogs that have been insecure, sometimes for many years, get themselves into big trouble. This is what they are comfortable with. When we get so frustrated with their behavior that we lose it and yell at them we are feeding into their symptoms. People with anxiety are considered ill. They are put on medications or taught to learn to control their symptoms with cognitive therapy. Sometimes it’s a combination of both.

Lots of nervous dogs are medicated, but they are not taught to be brave or to trust people. The anti-anxiety medicines prescribed for them help, but they do not cure the illness. They mask it.  When the medications don’t seem to be working they are increased. I feel for these dogs as they walk around sometimes feeling like zombies. Sometimes I call it the “Eeyore syndrome” from Winnie the Pooh. They walk through life saying, “That’s okay, my tail doesn’t need to wag. I’m nervous, it’s just who I am.” These dogs don’t act out as much, but their anxiety isn’t the only thing being leveled.

You can help these dogs to feel better, to let go of their fears by talking with them. Through my hands on approach, CinergE for Dogs, you can help to physically and emotionally heal them.

…like in this STORY: Jesse’s Challenges

How does implementing basic obedience help immediately?

When dogs learn basic obedience it builds up their self-esteem. Basic obedience is truly animal communication. We are communicating confidence and they are begging for us to help them build their confidence.

When we teach them the simple confidence building exercises to sit, stay and look at me, we are teaching them a new healthy lifestyle. We are teaching them to trust us. Once they begin to trust us, they begin to have healthier self-esteem.

When we ask them to control their own behavior through simple ego building exercises they learn to control their anxiety. They can let down their guard and from there they can learn to trust people. I call it stuffing their scared personalities back into their bodies, by teaching them to self-calm with simple positive commands.

When a dog is in the red zone with fear he is no longer aware of himself, he is out of control. It’s as if he has left his body. This poor dog is ready to get himself into big trouble. His people are frustrated. They are becoming fearful of what their dog might do and are feeding right back into the problem with their own fear, now that he feels he has to protect them when people come to the door.

He needs your help and you can change his life. By putting him through ten minute basic obedience drills at least four times a day, you can change your dog’s life. Make the training a fun game! You can help your dog heal! We all know dogs just want to have fun.

When people bring me their fearful dogs they are amazed that within a few minutes their dogs are working with me. The dogs are waiting for me to tell them what to do. It is a huge relief for them. I always have amazing treats that are very hard for them to refuse. Fearful dogs may be to afraid to take a treat so make sure you’ve got the tastiest treat you can get your hands on. Dogs like food and it can help them to learn to be brave.

I start out by having the dog sit. If I get no response at my request and the dog is cowering I will start out tossing food at him with little to no eye contact. Once they start taking the food, I will get up and move around the room tossing food to them.

As they start to relax I will engage them in conversation. I will tell them they are good dogs, brave dogs, the best dogs, every time they take the treat. This is energy work. Words are energy workers, bad dog makes them feel bad, good dog makes them feel good. I will keep telling them that I love them and that I am proud of them.

When you do this exercise with your dogs you’re really communicating! When your dogs respond by wagging their tails or looking happy they are talking back to you in a positive way, they then get a treat. I also have other types of conversations with dogs and they are intuitive. I do this by listening to their inner voices. It is a skill we all have, but some of us need a little help learning to listen carefully. I also communicate by watching the dog’s posture. Every dog tells their story by the way they walk and the look in their eye. The more you study these obvious signs, the easier it will be to learn intuitive communication.

Every time a shy dog’s ears perk up in interest or their eye gets soft while I’m working with them, I say in a soft firm voice “good boy.” Once they start to trust me I will ask questions intuitively. With this information coming directly from the dog I can develop a program for his people family to continue at home. Everyone gets homework. As much as I would love to wave my magic wand, it’s not going to work that way.

Sometimes once a dog has told me his story, he will simply relax and the changes are swift and permanent.

In their fearful little hearts they want to please their people… they just don’t know how. Many have never learned how to trust people. Many were never socialized as puppies. Puppy mill dogs also known as “Pet Store Dogs” are often generations of dogs that have been neglected, unsocialized and abused. They have not learned their healthy emotional ABC’s.

When a dog’s self-esteem improves through learning basic obedience and playing doggy games, they are happier and less worried. They start to listen to you differently when you speak with them. When you call them they know something good is going to happen, because learning to feel brave makes you feel good! The dogs develop a positive recall when you call them and they come. When they come running with ears up and tails a wagging, excited for the next lesson, you will know that your dog is healing. They are not as submissive, frightened, and anxious. They are becoming proud and brave.

When I work with dogs I find out what they are feeling physically and mentally. As an animal communicator I can find out what the family dynamic is that feeds into the behavior. They will often tell me that they are yelled at, or forced into a bedroom when visitors come. They tell me that they want to be good dogs but they just don’t know how. They tell me that they are called names. The tone of your voice when you are calling a dog sends many messages. Practicing CinergE, I can help the dog to release physical pain that has a huge effect on the poor dog’s nervousness.

One of the best thing you can do to help heal your nervous dog is to find a great dog trainer, one that is experienced in reward based training. As your dog learns how to have great boundaries, he has less to worry about, because you become the pack leader. When you leave it up to him to pick and choose how to behave you create a nervous nipping dog. He needs direction. When you are the kind and benevolent leader, your dog doesn’t have to hold the weight of the world on his shoulders. He does not have the life experience to help him be calm, cool and collected. He needs to learn that from us by playing training games.

  1. Dogs get no exercise.

What is a couch potato dog?

For a nervous dog that lives a sheltered life inside the house, finding the comfort of the couch sometimes is it’s only refuge. These dogs may become very possessive of the couch. You may believe that the couch builds self-security, but it doesn’t because the dog is now resource guarding it and possibly you as well.

I’m not saying throw Muffy off the couch. I am saying Muffy’s world needs to grow and that Muffy needs to be asked to get on the couch. It’s also good when Muffy learns to sit next to you, not on you. This teaches her self-confidence. She doesn’t need you to help her to be calm, she must learn to self-calm. There is a time to sit on your lap and a time to sit next to you.

When a dog’s life is sedentary you may think it is being protected from the world, but this not teaching your dog stress management. It adds to the lack of socialization your dogs are already suffering from.

A nervous dog needs lots of exercise, it helps to burn off tension and helps them to trust that you are in charge. A nervous dog is filled with nervous tension. This energy, it if is not dealt with, will continue to grow. Dogs that nip or bite are filled with stress and anxiety.

Why is leash walking so important?

When a dog is walked on a leash, the leash becomes his lifeline to you. The leash connects from your heart to your dogs. It helps you to become a team and you are the team leader.

When you combine the basic obedience techniques with long walks your dog’s anxiety will melt away. We all have excuses why we don’t walk our dogs. Walking your dog is key to your dog relaxing and is great for your own health.

When I take the leash of a nervous dog I make sure that they know that I will protect them. I do this by the way that I walk.  I walk in a take charge pace, the contact I have on the leash is firm, but gentle. I don’t yank or tug. I slip my left hand through the loop of the leash and then hold the leash firmly. This protects the dog from yanking the leash out of my hand. I let the leash drape across the front of my body, my right hand holds the leash giving the dog about 3 feet of lead.

As we walk, the dog learns that if he is calm he gets a little slack in the leash. If he is nervous, I take up the slack and ask the dog to walk at my side. This gives him confidence that he doesn’t have to do it alone. I am there for him every step of the way.

Every time the dog relaxes I release the leash and allow a little slack. If the dog stops to sniff he gets to wander forward on the leash. He is exhibiting regular dog behavior and his reward is a big sniff. By working with your dog on the leash you are teaching him to self-calm.

I also do lots of sit stays and look at me’s while we are walking. Every time the dog responds in a positive way, with a brave eye and alert ears, I give them a high value training treat. It’s the dog equivalent to a high five. I do not reward fearful behavior. I do not say oh it’s okay in a soft comforting voice, that feeds into the dogs behavior that something is wrong.

If the dog is nervous I take up slack on the leash and walk on. If the dog stops I may walk backwards and then forward. I may walk a serpentine until the dog is back walking in harmony with me. If the dog is frozen I will wait it out and go back to a look at me game.

How do I get started?

Having the right gear is a must! Harnesses are the best way to help your dog learn to walk on a leash. I love the harnesses that have a loop in the front to connect your leash to. When your dog pulls forward on the leash, the leash wraps around their shoulder and pulls back at them. They are braking themselves. I strongly suggest that you buy a 6 foot nylon or leather leash. Extendable leashes do not offer the control and soft touch that you need when redirecting your dog, whether your dog is nervous or pulling, the front attaching harness is the kindest approach.

If your dog is fearful of the great outdoors start with short walks. If you have a fenced in yard you can start there, get your dog familiar with the harness and leash. Practice your dogs basic obedience having them sit, stay and then ask him to give you his full attention.

  1. People are unaware their dogs are in mental and physical pain.

People are often unaware that their dog’s anxiety causes their sweet dogs to be in physical pain too. They hunch up their shoulders, hold their breath, they tuck their butts under them, their tails tucked tightly between the legs. They are hurting and a lot of them have tension headaches.

That pain feeds right back into their insecurities. By utilizing CinergE for Dogs I teach people to help ease the physical discomfort. I have seen dogs change right in front of me!  Dogs that suffer from stress, that are fearful of objects and noises are truly suffering through and through. They are not happy being fearful, but it is all they know.

Their lives are very limited and when they charge the front door, barking and nipping at people’s legs. It puts them into danger of being considered biters. Biters have many limitations and sometimes are euthanized. By recognizing your dogs behavior as an illness that can be cured you can begin to help them.

Honoring my promise to shelter dogs, I teach people how to hear their dog’s inner voices and teach CinergE for dogs all over the country. When you combine the tips I gave you above with CinergE, your dogs will heal quickly!

Together we can make the world a better place for all animals, but I need your help! Sign up for one of my CinergE, Reiki or Animal Communication clinics and together we can reach so many more animals and people in need.

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Horse people often miss that their horses are hurting; they think that their horse’s behavior is the cause of their misbehaving. This is not always the truth!





Is your horse happy?

Do you wish you could help ease your horses back pain?

Do you want to learn to identify where your horse holds tension, physical and mental?

Do you want your horse to be your partner?

Do you want to understand why your horse bolts, bucks and refuses?

Do you want to connect with you horse on a much deeper level?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I can help you, help your horse.

CinergE and Southlands!

My CinergE horse practice was born at Southlands twenty years ago and within a year I had a waiting list for clients all over the Hudson Valley.  I would come to take lessons with Susie Williams, whom I can honestly say changed my life. After my lesson I would practice on their amazing school horses. People would notice an immediate difference in their movement and the horses were more relaxed.  I soon realized my place wasn’t riding horses, it was on the ground helping them

I will always be grateful to the Southlands Foundation; they helped me to make my dreams come true!

I have taught classes at this amazing facility for many, many years. We will be working on their special and  loved school horses. It is a wonderful way of giving back to the Foundation.  These horses are our angels and this is our way of saying thanks!

Part of the tuition for this class will be donated to Southlands for their schooling program. I suggest even if you don’t take my class that you support Southlands with generous donations. I am a shining example that Southlands is life changing and can help to make your dreams come true.

CinergE for Horses

Your horse doesn’t have to suffer from body and leg pain. A happy horse is a comfortable willing horse. There is a lot you can do to help your horse with your hands. A horse with a sore back can’t give you his/her best. I have an easy to 3 step techniques to keep your horses back from getting sore. A horse that is bucking, grabbing the reins and taking off is trying to tell you something.

CinergE will teach you how to scan your horse’s body and find where they hold tension. Tension causes tight muscles! Release the muscles you have a happy horse that loves you even more! Your relationship will grow! You will be your horse’s hero!

I have been treating and teaching CinergE for Horses for twenty years using simple techniques that I have been developing since I was a child. I have worked with thousands of horses at all level of competition all over the country, from Grand Prix Dressage horses to hunters and jumpers, endurance horses to retired horses and everything in between.

My dream is to teach the CinergE building blocks to as many people as I can because I want to end suffering for our animals. I can’t do this alone, I need your help! Together we can help to change the world for animals.

The CinergE building blocks are easy to learn! The simple basics can be used on any animal. If you are a person that loves to groom or massage your horse, you will learn to utilize energy balancing with ease.

CinergE keeps horses happy and helps to protect them from injury. When a horse is tight and sore it is prone to injuries. This system works! Please join us at Southlands for a very special weekend!

Saturday, May 16th 10-5

Sunday, May 17th 11-4

Please RVSP to Melissa at 845-679-3393 or email us at





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Reiki helps injured horse heal quickly

Bonita was a feisty mare who loved to kick up her heels with the other horses that she was turned out with. One morning as she was coming in from turn out the barn manager noticed a huge swelling in the shape of a horse shoe on her butt.  Bonita had pushed one of her friends too far.

When I arrived at the farm about a half hour later to with work with Bonita she was being defensive about her sore hip. You could now see a perfect outline on the shoe. Before I started working on the rest of her body I did some quick above body energy work over the injury. I held my hands about ten inches above her hip and I could feel the heat from her injury. I then focused the Reiki, being very aware that Bonita was being very protective of her swollen hip.  When the heat between my hands and her hip would build to very hot I would imagine pulling it out and flicking into into the earth. As I pulled the heat out without touching her, she would look over her shoulder at me, “What are you doing?” she asked with soft eyes.

I then went up to her face gave her a kiss and proceeded to work on the rest of her body using CinergE.

When I returned to her hip about a half hour later the swelling was all gone. I was able to place my hands on her hip and she closed her eyes and dropped her head.  Reiki is amazing for healing!

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Mother Dog Denies Puppy

Violet had just given birth to one big puppy, through a caesarian.  She was in pain and not so happy about being a mommy. She didn’t want to nurse the pup. I was called in to see if I could help.

Violet’s 2 legged mom had been up for over  48 hours feeding the puppy around the clock. She was very worried and very sleep deprived. I suggested that she grab a cat nap while I worked with Violet and her baby.

I carefully climbed into the whelping box folding my long legs underneath me. Violet looked at me with a sad soft eye. She was so sore and tired. I placed my hands gently on her and the Reiki flowed from my hands into her sore body.  She fell into a deep sleep. I placed my hands above her incision and I could feel the heat coming from it. I whisked the heat away with my hands and she gave a deep and restful sigh.

I then picked up the puppy and held her in my hands and the Reiki flowed gently as the puppy squirmed around in my hands.  She was very hungry and wanted to nurse.

As I adjusted my sleeping legs, I placed the puppy next to her mom.  I watched carefully because Violet had snapped at her just a few hours earlier. The puppy snuggled into Violet and Violet lifted her leg to let the puppy in. She proceeded to lick her baby all over and the bond was instant. Within minutes the puppy was nursing and by time Violet’s mom returned I was sitting in a chair reading a book while Violet was adored her daughter.

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How-To Talk to Animals – published in Modern Cat Spring/Summer ’14


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