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Getting some help from the “Crazy Pet Lady”


We are featuring guest blogger, Emily Burke, as she shares her story of first discovering Cindy’s work as an Animal Communicator. Emily describes how Cindy went from being a “Crazy Pet Lady” in her mind, to helping her misunderstood cat Mushu feel better and aided in repairing their relationship.


“… If you’re like most normal human beings and don’t believe in weird psychic shit like I do… that’s okay… because even just *imagining* your pet saying all these things will bring some clarity, some laughs, and some tears ;-). The very first thing animal communicator Cindy Brody said was…”

Click here for the full excerpt. 

If you and your fur babies can use some Animal Communication help, reach out to us here. Tell us a little bit about your situation and someone will be in touch to help you setup an appointment. Click here to learn more about CinergE Animal Communication and Healing. 

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