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You too can Develop your Intuition and Communicate with Animals


Want to hear how it all began? Here is Cindy’s story about the first time she found she could talk with horses…

Hello my name is Cindy Brody and I work with animals to help them express themselves through Animal Communication and CinergE. I have been talking to animals my whole life, I just never really thought about it. I have been a body worker for many, many, years.  I started with people in my early twenties and have been working with horses and dogs for twenty years.  I am now fifty seven. That is a whole lot of talking and body work!

I first learned I could talk with horses when Gail, whose horse I was treating, asked me, “If you can tell where Bogart’s hurting, can you tell what he’s thinking?”  Her request was a little bit tentative. I had no idea if I could communicate with Bogart. I decided to simply ask him about his life.

I said under my breath, “Bogart, are you happy living here?” This horse had to be thrilled to live on such a beautiful farm, I thought out loud, not really expecting Bogart to hear me. He had been a school horse for years and was now a senior citizen retired to a big green field where his biggest problem was getting fat. Gone were his days of ill-fitting saddles and living in a small stall for many hours at a time. When Bogart responded, his answer wasn’t so enthusiastic.

As I waited for his reply not knowing how I would receive it, postcard like thoughts and pictures popped into my head. They were very clear thoughts and they were not my own. Bogart had a complaint. I wasn’t sure if I was right or wrong, but I took a chance and told Gail what he was saying. “I love my life here,” Bogart said, “except for…when the boys come into the barn with the white rope.” When I relayed this to Gail she was a bit skeptical…and indignant. “My boys don’t come down to the barn and they wouldn’t ever do anything with a rope!” she said. I told her I could be mistaken, but the picture I’d gotten from him was extremely clear and kept flashing back to me: There was a white rope and there were boys and he didn’t like it. The image of the white rope kept presenting itself, over and over like a broken record.

I quickly changed the subject, finished my treatment, and left. Later that night I got a phone call from Gail. She’d asked the boys during dinner if they’d been down at the barn. They said they had, because their father had asked them to give the horses some hay. They’d thrown the hay in a pile in the middle of the barn for the horses to munch on, but Bogart didn’t want to share and kept chasing the other horses away from it. The oldest boy grabbed a white lunge line that was hanging on the wall and started throwing it at Bogart to get him to stop. He didn’t hurt Bogart physically, but he did hurt his feelings.

Gail was amazed, but not too amazed to tell her sons this: “Bogart told Cindy he doesn’t like when you do that. So don’t!” Just like that I became an animal communicator. It is as easy as that.

Since that day in the barn I have used these skills to help people with their animals all over the country. I have visited states from one side of this country to the other. Hawaii is divine!

My goal is to help people and their animals to understand each other and through giving their thoughts words I am living my life’s dream of making the world a better place for people and animals. Let’s face it without our four legged families we would be pretty stressed out. Our furry families help to calm us, they love and understand us when it seems to one else does.

Through my skills as an animal communicator and CinergE my body working technique I can help all animals feel better, the great thing about this is the trickle down affect. Happy pets, happier people.

I help rescue dogs to become more self-assured, this helps them to understand what their people need them to do. I have awesome clients and they do their homework. We have huge happy changes with in both our pets and their people! Whether it is a one on one session or a clinic, everyone learns what they can do to help their four legged family members. Everyone gets homework!

We all have the ability to learn to hear our dog’s inner voices. With my help you can learn too. This is NOT something only very special people can do. I have students from all walks of lives practicing CinergE with their whole families! I also work with people preforming Reiki and CinergE treatments. My people all have health challenges from cancer to arthritis, hip and knee replacements. My work is a healing practice and I love it!

CinergE helps you to find where your animals are hurting and help to ease their pain. Old dogs have body pain, dog athletes have tight muscles, stressed dogs hold tension just like people and their necks and shoulders get really sore just like ours! We can all learn to unravel our dog’s physical tension and when we do this they blossom.

I have worked with thousands of animals, all creatures great and small. I love every aspect of my work and look forward to sharing it with you. We can all help our families to feel better through communication and understanding. I work with dogs in all stages of life, from newborn puppies, to senior dogs, to dogs that are getting ready to cross over the rainbow bridge. I work with misunderstood dogs, hyper dogs, sweet and easy dogs. They all have thoughts and I help to give them a voice.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to helping you with your dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, turtles and any other creatures you care for.

Please check out my website and read my blog for more stories about my work. My CinergE for Dogs book is almost finished and I will be announcing on my website soon.

Together we can help all animals through communication and understanding.

You can register by clicking here and selecting deposit in the drop down menu under Clinics. We hope you can join us, and that you will be moved to share this with your family and friends. Thank you!

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