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The Sponge Ladies Retreat, absorb CinergE and the sea!

Women on Beach talking

Cape Cod CinergE for Women Retreat, July 24-26, 2015

I am very excited to be hosting my first CinergE for Women retreat in beautiful Brewster in Cape Cod, Massachusetts at the Oestara House Artist retreat.

The focus of this retreat is to rejuvenate and learn how CinergE for women can help us all to feel better, release blockages, physical and emotional.

We will start our day with yoga and meditation.

I will be teaching muscle testing and the CinergE testing progression for women.

We will practice our Reiki and share our experiences with each other. We will be working on each other in groups. I’m very excited about this! This will be a unique healing experience for everyone!

We will enjoy some crystal meditations and guided imagery work. I encourage you to bring your favorite stones. Everyone will receive a special gift.

Our retreat is on the edge of the woods with amazing hiking trails, we are minutes from the bay and bike trails are also minutes away. We will be sending Reiki to the earth and will practice mindfulness meditation with nature.

We will take advantage of all the Cape has to offer.

Our fabulous Hostess Lorah will be cooking us divine breakfasts and lunches.

There will be time for independent time, although I’m sure we will all enjoy our together time. Bikes can be easily rented on the bike trail.

We will be checking in on the evening of the 24th. Lorah will have snacks available.

Check out will be after lunch on Sunday.

This retreat is limited to 6 women, so if you are interested please sign up soon and secure your place with a deposit. Total cost for retreat is $450. which includes lodging Friday and Saturday, and breakfast and lunch Saturday and Sunday. You’re welcome to add extra nights to extend your stay for $60. per night,  no meals included.

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Horse people often miss that their horses are hurting; they think that their horse’s behavior is the cause of their misbehaving. This is not always the truth!





Is your horse happy?

Do you wish you could help ease your horses back pain?

Do you want to learn to identify where your horse holds tension, physical and mental?

Do you want your horse to be your partner?

Do you want to understand why your horse bolts, bucks and refuses?

Do you want to connect with you horse on a much deeper level?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I can help you, help your horse.

CinergE and Southlands!

My CinergE horse practice was born at Southlands twenty years ago and within a year I had a waiting list for clients all over the Hudson Valley.  I would come to take lessons with Susie Williams, whom I can honestly say changed my life. After my lesson I would practice on their amazing school horses. People would notice an immediate difference in their movement and the horses were more relaxed.  I soon realized my place wasn’t riding horses, it was on the ground helping them

I will always be grateful to the Southlands Foundation; they helped me to make my dreams come true!

I have taught classes at this amazing facility for many, many years. We will be working on their special and  loved school horses. It is a wonderful way of giving back to the Foundation.  These horses are our angels and this is our way of saying thanks!

Part of the tuition for this class will be donated to Southlands for their schooling program. I suggest even if you don’t take my class that you support Southlands with generous donations. I am a shining example that Southlands is life changing and can help to make your dreams come true.

CinergE for Horses

Your horse doesn’t have to suffer from body and leg pain. A happy horse is a comfortable willing horse. There is a lot you can do to help your horse with your hands. A horse with a sore back can’t give you his/her best. I have an easy to 3 step techniques to keep your horses back from getting sore. A horse that is bucking, grabbing the reins and taking off is trying to tell you something.

CinergE will teach you how to scan your horse’s body and find where they hold tension. Tension causes tight muscles! Release the muscles you have a happy horse that loves you even more! Your relationship will grow! You will be your horse’s hero!

I have been treating and teaching CinergE for Horses for twenty years using simple techniques that I have been developing since I was a child. I have worked with thousands of horses at all level of competition all over the country, from Grand Prix Dressage horses to hunters and jumpers, endurance horses to retired horses and everything in between.

My dream is to teach the CinergE building blocks to as many people as I can because I want to end suffering for our animals. I can’t do this alone, I need your help! Together we can help to change the world for animals.

The CinergE building blocks are easy to learn! The simple basics can be used on any animal. If you are a person that loves to groom or massage your horse, you will learn to utilize energy balancing with ease.

CinergE keeps horses happy and helps to protect them from injury. When a horse is tight and sore it is prone to injuries. This system works! Please join us at Southlands for a very special weekend!

Saturday, May 16th 10-5

Sunday, May 17th 11-4

Please RVSP to Melissa at 845-679-3393 or email us at





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