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Reiki helps injured horse heal quickly

Bonita was a feisty mare who loved to kick up her heels with the other horses that she was turned out with. One morning as she was coming in from turn out the barn manager noticed a huge swelling in the shape of a horse shoe on her butt.  Bonita had pushed one of her friends too far.

When I arrived at the farm about a half hour later to with work with Bonita she was being defensive about her sore hip. You could now see a perfect outline on the shoe. Before I started working on the rest of her body I did some quick above body energy work over the injury. I held my hands about ten inches above her hip and I could feel the heat from her injury. I then focused the Reiki, being very aware that Bonita was being very protective of her swollen hip.  When the heat between my hands and her hip would build to very hot I would imagine pulling it out and flicking into into the earth. As I pulled the heat out without touching her, she would look over her shoulder at me, “What are you doing?” she asked with soft eyes.

I then went up to her face gave her a kiss and proceeded to work on the rest of her body using CinergE.

When I returned to her hip about a half hour later the swelling was all gone. I was able to place my hands on her hip and she closed her eyes and dropped her head.  Reiki is amazing for healing!

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Mother Dog Denies Puppy

Violet had just given birth to one big puppy, through a caesarian.  She was in pain and not so happy about being a mommy. She didn’t want to nurse the pup. I was called in to see if I could help.

Violet’s 2 legged mom had been up for over  48 hours feeding the puppy around the clock. She was very worried and very sleep deprived. I suggested that she grab a cat nap while I worked with Violet and her baby.

I carefully climbed into the whelping box folding my long legs underneath me. Violet looked at me with a sad soft eye. She was so sore and tired. I placed my hands gently on her and the Reiki flowed from my hands into her sore body.  She fell into a deep sleep. I placed my hands above her incision and I could feel the heat coming from it. I whisked the heat away with my hands and she gave a deep and restful sigh.

I then picked up the puppy and held her in my hands and the Reiki flowed gently as the puppy squirmed around in my hands.  She was very hungry and wanted to nurse.

As I adjusted my sleeping legs, I placed the puppy next to her mom.  I watched carefully because Violet had snapped at her just a few hours earlier. The puppy snuggled into Violet and Violet lifted her leg to let the puppy in. She proceeded to lick her baby all over and the bond was instant. Within minutes the puppy was nursing and by time Violet’s mom returned I was sitting in a chair reading a book while Violet was adored her daughter.

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