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Petal aka Bee or The Beetle “We Will Always Be Together”

The first time I met Petal, a tri-colored Pit Bull was when she was first diagnosed with lymphoma. Her soul mate Jane had heard about my work and wanted to see if I could help her best friend feel better. Her heart was breaking; Petal had changed her life in the eight years they had been together. She couldn’t imagine her life without her. Jane wanted to do whatever she could to make her sweet dog more comfortable.

petalAs I walked up to Jane’s front door I could hear dogs excitedly barking. Through the glass door I could see Jane’s two dogs, Joshua and Petal. They both had floppy toys in their mouths and their hips and tails were wagging wildly, doing the happy dance. They were so excited to have company. Even though we had never met they greeted me like a long lost friend. Jane came to the door and let me in and the dogs were all wiggles and giggles. I looked at Petal and saw the twinkle in her eye and she proceeded to draw me into her sweet soul and into her heart. I could see she was one cool dog and I could feel from that instant that she would also have things to teach me. It was clear to see that she was wise by the expression on her face. She also had a look on her face that was very game and ready to play.  I didn’t know then what she would teach me about life and in the end she taught me so much and it changed my life.

We all walked into the kitchen and Petal ran straight to her bed where she promptly dropped her toy. She was smiling at me from ear to ear. Had I not known that she was a very sick dog, I would have never believed it.  She shined for me and I shined for her.

Petal knew I was there for her and as I sat on the floor her tail thumped the bed. Joshua her best friend, also a Pit Bull sat closely with a watchful soft eye. He was so handsome and sweet. I believe in love at first sight and these dogs were so generous with their love they had me at the first woof and waggle.

I treated sweet Petal in her round, faux leopard skin bed. She curled up on her side, closed her eyes and waited for me to help her, as I gently placed my hands on her body I felt the Reiki begin to flow. My hands instantly became very hot. This was the first sign that she was a sick dog. When my hands heat up quickly I know there is an illness or an injury. Even though she was very happy in her life, I knew she really wasn’t feeling so good. She was a tough dog and I know she didn’t want Jane to worry.

She lay back and with her eyes closed sweetly as she took in the energy. Petal would slowly take in a deep breath and then give a long lovely sigh. She wore a peaceful smile on her face. As I worked on her she would occasionally raise an eyelid to keep an eye on Jane. She loved her beyond words.

Over the next four years that we worked together Petal had a lot of advice for Jane. Petal worried that Jane worked too much and that she needed help with her businesses. One of Jane’s missions was to make the world a different place for Pit Bulls and all dogs. Petal wanted Jane to “get a life” outside of work. With Petal’s suggestions Jane made many changes in her business. As a result she has been able to help dogs all over the world. Petal would always tattle on Jane when she would work too hard or get stressed out.

Petal’s sense of humor was never affected by her illness. Once while I was working with Jane she decided to sort through my appointment book. She spread all of the business cards out like a deck of cards and only chewed the ones I didn’t need. How did she know? She knew so much.

Jane had a guest one time that Petal avoided, she asked me to ask her why. Her answer was simple, “She doesn’t shine for me.” It was true this person wasn’t a dog person. Petal loved people to shine for her and her family and friends always did, she was a special girl, her love knew no limits.

Petal out lived her prognosis over and over again. She had an oncologist who watched her carefully. She was treated like a celebrity whenever she would visit his office. No matter how much she was poked and prodded she was always the perfect patient. Whenever she needed another round of chemo I would be there to treat her and she’d feel better immediately.

She had our treatments down to a science, I would treat one side of her body, and then, without my asking, she would flip over onto the other side, and then onto her back for her favorite part of the treatment, Reiki on her sweet, pink tummy.

During that time she would rally over and over again. She taught me so much about strength of character. No matter how sick she felt she was always happy.  Petal loved me and trusted me to help her. She was such a good friend. As I write this article I know she is cheering me on from the other side of the rainbow bridge.

She never stopped trying to get better all the way to the very end of her life. She wanted to stay with Jane forever. Petal in the end succumbed to a different invasive cancer. Before she left us we had one final session where she spoke to us and gave us her best advice.

“Jane, we are two halves of a circle. Where you end, I begin. Where I begin, you end. Love has no limits, we will always be together. I will return to you and when I do you will recognize me. Promise you will continue to get the help you need with your work so that you can experience the joyful life you have given me.”

She then turned to me and said, “Take care of the dogs, and they will take care of you. You need to write and have our voices heard.”

Petal passed away a few days later in the bed wrapped in the arms she loved so dearly, Jane’s.

Petal I know you are still with us and I thank you for your continued love and encouragement. Jane and I have both taken your advice. Jane has hired people to help her help all dogs and because of your wise advice I am reaching out to dogs, cats and all animals all over the country. I am sharing their thoughts and wisdom for they love us and watch us and want to help us. By listening to their stories I am helping to make the world a better place. I thank you with all my heart.


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