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A fundraiser for the UC SPCA

Hello again,

There was a typo on my last mailing. Lindsey Webster will be singing a song for MG_0630-1-300x200us with the amazing Keith Slattery. She is Woodstock’s own Diva and if you haven’t seen her or heard her perform now is your chance. And if you aren’t local, be sure to check out her link below.

I have known Lindsey since she was a little girl. I am so proud of the woman she has become. She volunteers her talents whenever there is a fundraiser. She’s a special woman. Lindsey truly makes a difference in our world.

Come out and support the UCSPCA. Thanks!




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Happy New Year!

Dearest Friends,

Happy New Year to all! I know that this is going to be a year of growth and 1388872360033prosperity for each of us. Whether it is prosperity of the heart or of the pocket, we will all enjoy the abundance that is a part of this life and our world.

Give thanks daily and you will be reminded of how many wonderful moments there are in your lives. It is easy to overlook how lucky we are to live in a time that allows us to think and be who we want to be, not so many years ago things were very different. I give thanks!

We all have ups and downs and when we remember to give thanks and appreciate all the wonderful things life has to offer, we can truly enjoy our prosperity.

Thank you all for the many cards and gifts I received over the past year. I am lucky and honored to have a business that I love so much. Thank you for sharing your pets and horses and for allowing me to help your families, through their voices. Our animal families give us so much and I love all of your commitment to give them the lives they deserve. We would be different people without them, for sure!

Thank you to all my students who are spinning their own magic, out there, helping their communities. I have had so much fun teaching the building blocks of CinergE and look forward to sharing this work with everyone. My goal is to teach as many people, as I can Reiki 1; it is a simple healing modality that can change your life. Please visit my website for my class schedule.

Sunday February the 2nd, I will be hosting a fundraiser for the Ulster County SPCA. It will be a day of memorial for our pets that have crossed over the rainbow bridge. There will be a memorial table for pictures and treasures. We will have speakers; Blair Glaser will speak about the process of grief. Debby Franke Ogg and Cindy Dern, are both wonderful therapists and have volunteered to help however they can. People will be invited to share stories and Lindsey Weber and Keith Slattery will perform for us. Lorah Yaccarino will play her amazing guitar. Lucy Morganstern will play her classical violin and lead us in a ceremony, in tribute to our loved ones. If you would like to volunteer please let me know. If you would like to perform, read or tell a story; we will add you to our program. Please open the attachment; it has all of the information.

Thank you again for sharing all of your animals with me. It has been a year of wonder with all I’ve learned through their stories. We have all had lots of laughs and have shared lots of tears.

Peace and Love!

Cindy Brody



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A Memorial for Pets Who Have Crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge


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When I first met Faith, a beautiful blue grey, Pit Bull puppy, she had just arrived from New Orleans, Louisiana post Hurricane Katrina. Faith and hundreds of other stressed out homeless dogs who had lived through the violent storm were sent to rescues all over the country. Faith was shipped to a Pit Bull rescue in upstate New York in hopes that she would find a new life. She had survived the Hurricane and by the grace of God and many good people, was now in a safe haven.shutterstock_77702386

When I first met Faith at the rescue I found her in a warm and cozy adoption room. She was curled up into a tight ball on a brown coach. Her rescuers were very concerned for her, between surviving the hurricane, losing her family, and being shipped north, she was very stressed out. They could see she was a beautiful young dog with a long life in front of her and they wanted to help her any way they could. It was clear that this puppy was very depressed and frightened. She was not thriving.

I walked over and sat next to her on the coach. She didn’t look up at me she burrowed a little deeper. I placed my hand lightly on her back; she then shifted and tucked her nose into a crack between the cushions. She didn’t look at me; it was as if she wanted to hide away from all people. I could feel her sadness. I sat with her and as I touched her the Reiki gently flowed from my hands. I kept sending her peace and love from my heart. It is amazing how this practice can help to shift a client in crisis.

Within a few minutes she got up and curled her body to fit snuggly against mine. I could feel her warmth as she cuddled up next to me. I continued to send her a soothing flow of Reiki. I could feel her sweet body relax. It wasn’t long before she opened up and began to talk to me. Her voice was sad and frightened. “I couldn’t save them. I was their baby and they loved me with all of their hearts. We were always together. I slept with them every night snuggled safely against them. We were in the water. I tried to stay close to them, but I couldn’t save them.”

She then got up and moaned a mournful sound from deep in her belly. I felt it in the pit of my stomach. She climbed onto my lap and cuddled closely. I rocked her like a baby. I held her close to my heart and promised her she would be okay, that we would find her a new home, a new safe life.

Her rescuers all stood quietly as they watched me talk with Faith. There were tears in their eyes. She had been found chained to her owners. She could swim and they could not. They had drowned.

I told her she couldn’t save her people. It wasn’t her fault. We continued to rock and I could feel the quiet in her body.After our session Faith began to come back to life. She was playful, sweet and was healing inside and out. It wasn’t long before Faith found her forever home and a new job. She was adopted by a minister and his wife. She now goes into prisons and helps to bring comfort to people. She is helping to save people and to bring them love and hope.


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