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How I Met My Dog


Modern Dog Fall 2013

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I Am Ulster County Ulster County Magazine Nov/Dec 2013


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The Blind Dog Sees…

110-1I was talking with Francis, a dog that lives in Oakland, California a couple of weeks ago; she has been very lucky in her life, to have found her soul mate. Francis reminds us that without her human mom, Penny, she would have never made it. Penny has always helped manage her other dog’s aggression.

Francis is older now, she is thirteen. She is blind and has been for a long time. Although there is nothing wrong with her third eye, Penny asked me to ask Francis about her other dog’s aggression. Francis’ reply was very interesting.  She said was only aggressive if the other dogs stared at her. Penny reminded me that Francis is blind. I repeated what the blind dog told me and Penny said it was true. When dogs stare her down, she reacts.

Francis manages very well using her intuition and her excellent sense of smell.  She does not complain about her handicap. She continually gives thanks to Penny for all her love and comfort she has given her over their lifetime together. I was so inspired by this reading.

When I’m talking with animals all over the country they tell me all about their owners. They speak of their people’s highs and lows and what they need to do to take better care of themselves. People ask me how can a dog possibly know about their job frustration or a sick relative who lives far away?

Francis the blind dog proves to me that animal’s sixth sense is so powerful. Dogs don’t shut their intuition down. They have never been ridiculed for it and it is a valuable tool they use for survival.

Many sensitive dogs that are rescues can have trouble screening their intuition. They are super sensitive to people who “have bad thoughts.” They see bad people, when really they see good people who are experiencing bad thoughts. I teach the dogs to look for the good thoughts. We humans can preoccupy ourselves with rerunning our problems, angers and upsets. We can be scary, but that doesn’t make us all bad.

They watch us every moment we are together. Even when they are sleeping they sense us. “My dog sleeps with one eye open.” Is a statement I hear all the time from dog owners. In a sense they do…their third eye is always gathering information, just like their noses.

Lilly, my canine sidekick knows the second I open my eyes in the morning. She is in her bed and can’t see me. As soon as my eyes open, she is by my side telling me to get up. Maybe my eye hinges are noisy? I don’t think so.

I often run into people who tell me that they changed their lives after a reading with the four-legged friend. They have started doing the crafts that they used to do and are eating better and getting more exercise. I’ve had people get into therapy after a reading because their feelings were affecting their dogs life. We can’t lie to our dogs. We are so lucky to be so loved.

Animals are guiding us to a better life for ourselves. We let our daily stress rule our lives. I often hear that people are their happiest when they are with their pets. They calm us down, they are always happy to see us. They sooth our hurt feelings and are always there for us and often get us off our butts to play. They help us to manage our stress and sometimes, before it makes us sick. If your pet is having a hard time, look at your life and see what they see, then think about what you can do to find your happiness.  Dogs and cats love when we meditate. “When Mom meditates I curl up next to her and we meditate together” says Ralph, a wise Corgi. We all need mini mind vacations and meditating is the first step to liberating your mind from chronic mind babble. There are many great meditation CD’s that you listen to before you get up in the morning. It’s a great investment into your day. It only takes a few minutes to get started. Our pets are asking us to slow our minds down and follow our hearts. They want us to reconnect with our sixth sense.

They want us to be healthy, happy and to take better care of ourselves. Francis the blind dog should inspire us all. Francis continually gives thanks for all she has; she is a lucky dog.


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