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Humans Could Learn From Manatees


This past winter I was headed for my yearly trip to Wellington to work with horses, I had decided to include Ocala, Florida into my itinerary, it would be a three hour drive, but being a motor head I looked forward to the trip. I had lots of clients to see and friends to stay with. Continue reading

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Update on Jolie

There would be no more crying or worrying around Jolie. They were to tell her that she was a good dog, so beautiful, and that she was going to have a great life. I reassured her that the shelter was going to help her and that she was going to find a great home, the perfect home. As I talked to her we could see the depression lifting. She sat up and was looking at her friends. Everyone was smiling and feeling her relief. I suggested that the shelter workers play with her and make her feel like a regular dog—no more worrying about her. She was such a sensitive dog that she was sponging their worries. By shifting the energy around Jolie, she found happiness.

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